I Want Bleach

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newbaby2009 - December 17

omg, i crave cleaning products so bad! I know its normal, but its driving me INSANE!!! I seriously scrub the bathroom and kitchen 3 times a day just so i can smell it and temporarily satisfy my craving. Comet and soft scrub are my favorite. My last blood test showed im wayyy low in iron and i cant take iron pills so i know that is what is causing it.


amanda17 - December 17

Haha yeah my sister had those cravings too. She carried around this little baggy with comet in it! lol! It looked like she was smelling blue drugs :P


newbaby2009 - December 17

I havnt resorted to carrying it around yet, but im seriously considering it. I was using a clorox wipe on the high chair and i had to stop and sniff it for like 2 minutes until Ryan took it away.


Santana0409 - December 18

From some things I've read this could be something called Pica...I don't know how serious it is but I think it shouldn't effect you too much as long as you don't have the urge to eat these things.


newbaby2009 - December 18

Yea, its called pica. Pica is the urge to consume non food items. So yes, the urge to eat them is there. I know someone who eats cigarette ashes everyday.


HeavenisMine - December 18

I am the same way with laundry detergent. I think I am going to break our washer if I keep doing laundry. I am always finding new excuses. Hubby says stop. I can't I can't! Ha ha ha. Although like you my iron is a tad low.


Teddyfinch - December 20

hmm my iron was low too and i kept cleaning my bathroom and kitchen with the lysol wipes. but i was able to take iron tablets. why can't you take then, newbaby?


newbaby2009 - December 20

I cant take pills of any kind, even prenatals. They make me sick.


Teddyfinch - December 20

have you tried taking them with food? dumb question as i'm sure you have, but for the longest time, i kept forgetting to and couldn't figure out why it made me sick.


newbaby2009 - December 21

yea, ive tried everything. I dont get just nauseous sick, if i even try to swallow a pill of any kind i throw up for 10 or 15 minutes afterwards.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 21

Bleagh, bleach? Man! I Can't even stand the smell so I don't know how you do it lol. Hey, I couldn't take those either, but have you tried flinstones vitamins with iron? my dr said I could take those cause I can't take prenatals


newbaby2009 - December 21

Yep, tried flintstones too. Couldnt stand em either. Im really sensitive about what goes into my mouth for whatever reason.



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