I Want To Be Pregnant 17 Yr Old

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bex41 - September 15

i want a baby i am 17 yr old, but my life is not like typically 17 yr olds. because i have a bf who is 34 which had made me muture really fast.he has a daughter which is 8 who stays at weekends and holidays i love her staying it is ace she treats me like i am her mum and i love bathing her on a night and taking her to bed. i tell her off as well she just feels like me daughter it is ace i am so gutted when she goes home. it makes me want my own child, my bf is a teacher so we have enough money and we are planning to get married next yr. i want a baby do you think i should start trying?


H - September 15

that's illegal.


Viv - September 15

Cool it girl! If the school district finds out, your boyfreind won't be a teacher any longer, in that school or any other. Don't go making gaga eyes at him in cla__s either, or hanging around his desk. People will figure out what is going on. It sounds as though you may be staying at his place weekends, which means your parents are cool about this. I'm not against this kind of age spread, at least not a few years down the line. Right now you have to use your head. If you are not on the pill, I hope you are using condoms and foam and staying away from your fertile window all at the same time. Your maternal longings are very understandable, but wait for the right time and place. You have a lifetime ahead of you.


bex41 - September 15

i dont mean he is my teacher i have left school i have a job now, i left last year also he isnt a teacher from my school. i live with him


hmmmmm - September 15

Where I come from that is called molestation and is absolutley disgusting, this guy is old enough to be your dad d__n it!! That is gross, and I have no idea of anyone who will take you seriously marrying a guy that old... ewk ewk ewk ewk... I guess there are some real issues you have with your dad that make you run to an older guy to try and make yourself feel wanted.


Kristina - September 15

I think it is normal for you to want to get pregnant. The age diffrence is really far apart, but like people say age doesnt matter...RIGHT?I'm 17 yrs old, and my fiance is 21, I got pregnant and Iam 2 and a half months......Im happy about it, but its not the right time for a baby. Yeah he could support you, but you havent lived your life yet. If I were you I would seriously WAIT! Having a baby is a big responsibility! So my answer for you is NO you should not try.......what does your mom think about his age??


Viv - September 15

Now I understand the situation better. May I hazard a guess that the mother of his daughter is only 26, and was a teen mom too? Bex, you need to understand what drives this man before you try to make a life with him. It's not natural for a 34 year old to be living with a girl half his age. There's a twist in his character somewhere. If you have a child with him, I'll guarantee you'll be living the life of a single mom within three years.



yeah this story is fake. it sounds like SOMEONE WANTS ATTENTION!!!!


bex41 - September 16

his wife was the same age as him but they only got together when they were young they have been married 15yr. he wants to start a family with me but doesnt incase i leave him and figure out he is to old for me. but he is real young at heart, because he has now left his wife he has gone back to the age before he meet her mentally. my mum is ok with the idea because she has seen how happy we both are. and thinks he is a real desent person and knows he would hurt me. we both hate our age difference but both get on really well and always forget how much younger i am. when i first meet him i didnt know how old he was wen i first started dating him and he didnt know how old i was he thought i was about 25 and i thought he was about 27. we finally found out and didnt wat to do by this time we had falling in love and thought we were to good for each other to though it all away so that we wud be accept better by ppl by the way i arent making ne of this up. jus arent a simple person lol


Amber - September 16

Lets look at it this way: You are 17 he is 34- If he took you to his prom you would be in diapers. Age is just a number, but when you are 17 and your boyfriend is 34 its a world. I don't think that you need to have a baby yet. Your body grows untill you are around 21 years old. Since you are not fully grown, you will have a boatload more stretch marks, and will probably be embara__sed to show your body in public, like at the beach or something. Secondly, you are 17. My mother had me at 17 and she did a poor job rasing me. She thought she was ready, but when someone wanted to go out, she had to stay home with me. She was stuck trying to be a kid, and raise me. Now, you said this guy will be there for you, re-think this. Finish the schooling, get a degree, get married and then when you are sure that you can provide for yourself and a child, then have a baby. He may say that he will be there today, and may want to marry you, but remember that divorce rates are higher than they have ever been, and you could end up alone with a child. Its no walk in the park. Not to mention that if the school he works for found out about the relationship he would probably be fired and have charges pressed. Even if he is not your teacher. And if it is him that wants you to have a baby, then he needs his head checked. You do not need to have a baby now, wait a few years.


Viv - September 16

This is an interesting thread. I have a college professor friend in his 50s who has married and had a child with a 22 year old. I have another friend who at 30 married and had a child with a college professor age 70. Hey, is there a common thread here? I wonder if the teaching profession contains an element attracted to it because they like young thiiings. None of which is near what I started out to say. Look at the tail end of life. At age 50 bex will have another 17 years of work in front of her, supporting an old man on a pension. By the time she retires he will have died, and she will have 20 years to spend alone on nothing but social security. All that has nothing to do with love. In France, for generations it was customary for a man to marry a woman 17 years younger - it took him that long to earn enough to get established to where he could support a family. Bex, I have a couple friend who are building their first outhouse this weekend. They can't afford a place with indoor plumbing. If love is more important than material possessions, I say go for it! Sorry you others.


bex41 - September 16

i am listening to all your comments and understand what you are all saying but why is it that i still want to get pregnant? it is illegal because we have had it all checked out and his work dont mind because i met my bf when i worked there. so ever one knows about us.


bex41 - September 16

opps sorry i ment it is legal


Fran - September 16

Is this guy even divorced yet? You said they have been married for 15 yrs.-- you never did not say WAS-- Is he still married? Seperated? What? If he is not legally divorced yet you need to move out & run from this guy as fast as you can! Otherwise, if he is divorced & you are out of high school to each is own.


Viv - September 16

Bex, almost all women want to get pregnant. Many women are thinking "will I get pregnant this time" as they are making love. That's human nature. God made us that way. She wants us to have babies. She also gave us a brain that can figure out when is the right time to have babies. You have the next 18 years to choose for baby making. Please choose the right one.


bex41 - September 17

so why do i feel like the right time is now and i always feel like i will be a good mum as well.



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