I Want To Get Preg But My B F Is Unsure

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19&trying - October 31

I am 19, and I have been living independantly away from home for some time with my b/f. We have talked about marriage and children, and he says neither of those are on his agenda in the next 4 years! I am hurt, because I want to start my family now... We have not been using bc so if i do get preg. then i am keeping the baby. In a way, I want to actively try, but not if it will wreck my relationship. Anyone in my shoes???


angel - October 31

yea u were me a year ago :) i was 19 and living with my bf but he was older so he wanted me to be older before we had kids.... i was on bc but ended up getting pregnant... itss really hard unless your both ready it pts a huge strain on ur relationship. try talking to ur bf tell him how important this is to u ... but plez be careful its hard to have a baby young... good luck!!!


Jenny - November 1

I can totally relate. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can chat.


chrisgirl - November 1

2 19&trying...so am i girl so am i i'm going through the same situation but i'm 18 want a baby want to get married me and my bf been together almost 5 yrs now and he don't want to make a move yet!!! i 'm just waitng for him to pop that question and maybe i'll be happy and not so depress anymore i can't stand to see women or teenagers on tv thats pregnant!!! or like my seventeen yr old cousin is pregnant now how is that? i'm out of shool just graduated and she still in school i mean d***or people that comes to my job it just ruins my whole day(by being sad)thinking well when i'm going to be in a beautiful white dress or when am i going to have on a nice silver wedding ring? or when am i going to hold something of my own my fleshing blood?(thats how i feel?and 2 me life is to short why can't we just start now u don't know how long u going to be in this world atleast see something of your own i'm like u if i do get pregnant i'm keeping it he want have no choice so we can talk more e-mail me please [email protected]


grow up - November 3

Chrisgirl you need help --- you are living in a fantasy world I think you need some independence from your boyfriend, grow up!!! And your boyfriend has not even proposed yet, looks like he does not want to???


Carrie - November 3

Give it time, ask for a compromise. Try waiting 2 years, save money maybe buy a house. Just slow down you don't want your b/f to resent you and/or the baby. Talk to him ask him why he wants to wait. talk it out and make him a part of this the way he wants to be, not the way you want him to be because it may not happen. Good luck.


re - November 3

It takes 2 people to make a child, so of course, it has to up to BOTH whether they want a child yet or not. "19&trying" and "chrisgirl" your partners seem to have their heads screwed on. Although "19&trying", your bf is going a funny way about not wanting kids by not using protection - so you'll probably end up getting your wish anyway...


L - November 3

You should not try to get pregnant unless that is what your boyfriend wants also or it will probably just cause problems. He already said that none of those things are on his agenda right now, so I don't think u should try on your own. Break up with him and find someone you has your same goals about marriage and kids or wait for him to decided when he is ready. It's really not fair to do that to someone who is not ready for it.



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