I Want To Have A Baby

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amber1 - March 24

i want to get pregnant so i want a baby so so bad


Mommy - March 24

Babies do not stay babies. Babies turn into toddlers who want to explore everything. Toddlers turn into little kids who constantly ask "why." Little kids turn into big kids who say "I hate you" everytime you tell them no. Big kids turn into teens who want to be adults too soon and still say "I hate you" when you tell them no . So, if you decide to have a baby, enjoy the 12 months of babyhood you get, because after that it's gone. Oh yeah, and it takes time, money, and LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE to raise kids.


Brittany - March 25

I 100% agree with Mommy. I have a toddler going into his terrible twos and it's heck. I love him to death but hes difficult. It's like the more you tell them no, the more they hate you. I cry about it sometimes. You can't win no matter what you do.


Aurelia - March 26

how old r u???


ash2 - March 26

if you are old enough for one, than i think you should try, but not a teenager


kristi - March 29

no you dont its not great at all babies are so hard to care for and you loose sleep and your social life


Evonna - April 3

1st of all how old are you? If your trying to have a baby in your teen years, please think about what your going to go through.


babylover101 - April 14

i kno how u feel and i think u should do it if ur ready.


DakotasMom - April 14

Having a baby is deffinitly not easy. If you're going to be relying on your parents to take care of the baby for you money wise or anything else, i suggest you wait till you're older. Also, don't make this decision overnight, take the time to actually think about this. Is this just a feeling of the moment?, or is this something you really want? If you're sure about what you're doing, then go for it and congrats.


Ducky - April 16

Im 19 with a 1 month old, and Im already fighting not to pull out all my hair....Dont do it. The world is already over populated enough.....Dont do it.


selena - April 16

get married first


pinkflamingoz90 - April 16

well thats what i thought. its a lot more work than you believe. not saying i regret getting pregnant or anything. just its way different than you believe. Just make sure you are 100% ready for a baby. Good Luck to you and your partner though


MeaganG - April 17

I want a baby too amber and im 18 (19 in july). Ive been babysitting my cousins for weeks at a time since they were born and they are now 6 and 8. I also have been babysitting my boyfriends cousin since he was born and he is now almost 2. Hes the hardest out of all three but you cant help but love hime he doesnt know better. How old are you though?



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