I Wanted A Baby When I Was A Teen Too

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catsmeow - May 8

I've been reading all the posts about how teens are wanting babies now, and it really doesn't surprise me. I am 26 now, and I can remember, cause it wasn't long ago, when I was 15, wanting a baby SO BAD. I swear, I had babys on the brain and literally craved one strongly. So I totally know what the teens are talking about when they say they want one so badly. My reason for not getting pregnant so young? I was afraid of my parents kicking me out and having no place to go. So i didn't. Good thing too, cause I would have had a baby with a real loser. At the time, i thought I had my head on straight, and that this guy was perfect for me, we were "soulmates", and nothing and no one could take that away from us. I was WRONG. Things went down hill about 4 years after we started dating. I am so glad that I didn't follow through with what i had thought I truly wanted. Now I am married to my real soulmate, who is 100 times different then the guy I dated back then, and not what I expected. I am currently TTC now, and hopefully the chips will fall into place for us! i just want to say that I think the teens on here are being genuine when they say they truly want a baby right now. I'm not saying that you aren't old enough to take care of one, afterall, not too long ago, it was quite normal to be married and have children by the age of 16. It' s just with todays society, we can't give our kids all their needs the way we used to be able too. We NEED to finish school, and have good jobs, and be financially secure. Please take my advice, and hold off on those baby feelings your having, until you can accomplish something for yourselves first! I'm so grateful that I did!


Rachel0510 - May 8

catsmeow, I remember when I was a teen also. I'm 22, so of course it wasn't that long ago. I don't recall ever wanting a baby (maybe because I was afraid of my mom), but I did start having s_x at 16 and I thought I was pregnant once when I was 17. It was aweful. I thought my mom would kill me. I thought "How am I going to tell her if I am?" Thankfully I wasn't because I would have a crummy "baby's father" too. It's weird because you don't think about it back then but now I'm so glad I waited. I'm due in 2 days (the 10th) and I couldn't be happier. My advice to all the young girls out there is to just WAIT. You just might change your mind and then it will be to late. Well said catsmeow and good luck on TTC.


clara - May 8

I definately understand this too. I've wanted a baby when I was a younger teenager too (when i was about 14+). I still want a baby. I'm still a teenager, 19, but I'm in college and even though I want the baby, there's no way I'm going to try to get myself pregnant at this age, i'm still so young and i have so much of life to experience. Children have always been something i want in my life, but only when me and my future husband are ready. I don't plan on having children until I'm out of college, and I don't want to get married until i'm done school either. Kids are a huge responsibility, and you really would miss out on a lot in life if you try to have one at such a young age, even if you think you wont at this point in time. There's plenty of time. My boyfriend and I both want children, but not right now.


shesdymed - May 8

idk im kinda in a different situation. i got an abortion march 24th and after the abortion i never felt the same. reasoning for me to have a child again was to bring my baby back.. deal with what i did and deal with the consequences. like i've sed before, i did it for my family, not for me. i wish i would have thought twice before lettin other people get to me :\


Ca__sie06 - May 8

I agree completely. I have wanted a baby since I was about 13. I have always loved children, and I was the oldest of all of my cousins so I always helped take care of my sister and all of my couins and babysat. That is why I am going to college for early elementary ed!! I didnt get pregnant when I was younger because I went to a christian school and my dad was a pastor and my mom taught in a christian school, and I knew I would be turned on by friends and family and be all alone!! I am 19 and married now and 27 weeks pregnant, and this baby was not planned either! We were using condoms, but were afraid to use bc pills because of my heart medicine. I am so thrilled to be having this baby and I love him more than anything, but some days I feel like I am still not ready!! Even if I have been married for a year and am in my 3rd year of college, that doesnt mean I know everything!! It is so scary sometimes, and I cant imagine being any younger and going through this!!


MystinaAlise - May 8

god its so nice to see this i just wish more teenage girls would realize how much their thinking will (hopefully) change as they mature some... im 21 now and i can remember wanting a baby from the time i was 13... i talked myself into waiting til i was 16 so that i could have a job to be able to take care of my own baby (of course i didnt know then what a joke jobs for 16 and 17 year olds are) then when i was 16 i met my bestfriend and decided to help her raise her little girl (she was pregnant then and the father was no where around)... she saved my life (and swears i saved hers) i replaced the crummy baby daddy and between me and her we have a beautiful 4 year old little girl who is healthy and well adjusted (along with her two year old little girl and hopefully my *girl* who is on the way) helping her made such a difference in my life because i was able to see it wasnt a baby i wanted... it was the love that a baby could give me... both of those little girls have actually lived with me for two years between them and helping her also helped me see how hard it is to have a baby and that the stuff that you miss out on does suck... but it doesnt come close to the blessings that a baby will give you... im happy to say that now that im pregnant im going into it with my eyes totally open and lots of experience under my belt for a "first time mom"... i am so glad that i waited as long as i did... and even though this baby wasnt planned ( i was told i couldnt have kids) s/he is a miracle for me and i cant wait to meet her/him... i also got lucky enough to have a wonderful baby daddy who is thrilled about "our little bean" so different from the guys i used to mess with...


quinnies_mommy - May 9

When I was a teen, like 13-17, I wanted a baby SO bad. Then I graduated high school, and started college. Those feelings completely went away when I started to experience college life. Then I got preg. part way into my first semester. 2 1/2 months later I miscarried. I was devastated, but I knew it was for the better. Then Two months after my miscarriage, I fell pregnant again. And now I have a beautiful daughter. After having her, I honestly can say I am SO glad I did not have a baby. And I always thought Quinn's dad was my soulmate(we have been together since we were 16) Now all we have had was problems since we had Quinn. I just feel so good, that I was lucky enough to not get pregnant any younger than I did.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

Well, I am 18 and wanted a baby too. Guess what, I am pregnant. I was so scared when I found out, and am scared because I am due in 20 days. I am in college, married, and really happy about having my little girl. I am scared though that I may have been a better mother if I would have waited. I spend all my money on the baby and make sure I go to every doctors appointment, and never forget to take my prenatal vitamins, etc. I just wish I would have waited until I was finished with college and making a lot of money. I know everything will be alright and I cant wait for my baby to get here, but I definitely think the longer you wait the better. I tend to agree with the older mothers more than I do the teen mothers. I am not as easily offended as they usually are.


catsmeow - May 13

Kayla-You will probably be a wonderful mother! There's some young people who make better parents then some "adult" parents, thats for sure! You sounds very mature, and I hope that you are able to complete college and accomplish something for yourself while raising a child. It CAN be done, but like anything else, anything worth having doesn't come easy, it's takes hard work and determination, but you can do it!


Teen_Mommy - May 14

I believe the same thing ...I was 16/17 when I found out I was pregnant a little over a month after I found out I was pregnant I had a M/C now I am 18years old I am still with the same guy and have been for almost 6 years I have a full time job and just found out I am about a month pregnant . Being almost 2years older then I was the first time I forund our I was pregnant is making it easier only because I am older , finished HS, have a way better job, and have a better car I know that it will still be hard but I am happy knowing that at least I am a little bit older and can't wait to have a healthy baby sometime in January


midnight_drift - May 15

I know I am still a teen, but coming from my point of view, I guess people could understand. When I was 14 all I could think about is having a baby until I was 16, and when I turned 16, I started taking marriage and family cla__ses, child development cla__ses, parenting cla__ses, (IN SCHOOL) to become a preschool teacher. It made me realize that hey, there are a lot of things involved with it! You can't just go around having a baby purposefully when you aren't even ready. At 16, to want to have a baby, and to do it, are two different things, and so I got on the pill, my boyfriend used condoms, and I realized that it isn't worth it. I didn't have a job, I was still in school, and that a baby should come at the right time, when you're married and finacially/mentally stable to have a baby! But with MY luck, a year and a half later, I switched birth control and got pregnant. =/ First I wanted to apt for adoption, but I know in my heart once I see my baby I would never be able to give my baby up. Now, talking with my mother, I am finacially stable, we both have jobs and I'm getting my own apartment in July. I'm also mentally stable because I'm seeing a Psychologist to help me through EVERYTHING, and you know what, it's wonderful to have a psychologist!!!!!! It isn't for "crazies" so please, I'm suggesting that anyone with ANY sort of problem, GO! ^_^!!!!


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 16

Thank you for the kind words. I have only two weeks left, but I am really looking forward to seeing my little girl. We finally picked a name, Kylie Madison Brooke. I am just ready to see her~



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