I Was A Mom At 16

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-c- - March 9

i became a mommy at 16 and was alone. On top of that he was 2 mons early. If you have questions or concerns about being a teen parent just ask. Hope I can help.


jordan - March 9

hey i have a post on here about ovulating while being pregnant you can read that to see my situation. But i was just wondering what were your first signs of pregnacy?


chelle - March 9

jordan, my first sign for my son was missed period. My most prominent sign for my pregnancies was always sore, tender, painful, swollen breats and serious bloating. Peeing all the time at first was a problem too!


abby - March 14

I think im pregnant but i don't know how to tell my mom and dad. im only 14.


Ashley - March 15

Chelle, I have some questions too if you dont mind answering them...how long did it take for you to realize you were pregnant? Did you happen to have any implantation at all?


Jennifer - March 15

Hi im 16 and im about four month pregnant my boyfriend and friends know but I havent told my family and I havent been to a doctor will something really bad happen to me if I don't go? to one right away? will something be wrong with my baby? how do I tell my family please help


quet - March 16

I am 16 years old and I took a pregnancy test I found out i'm pregnant. But, I don't know how to tell my mom. May I have some advice?


Kate - March 16

I am 16 and 2 weeks pregnant, my fiance is 19 and we aren't sure whether we should keep the baby, give him/her up for adoption or get an abortion... We get married in June and getting pregnant was definitely not expected- I turn 17 in April, and I realize that to most people I am too young to be getting married OR to have a child but thats how things worked out in my life. I am just afraid to bring a new baby into this world when so many people consider me at 16, a baby myself. However, I love my future husband and I know we would both love and provide for this child... I want to know from someone who has been in this situation, what do you think?


ashley - March 22

Is it normal to ALWAYS be worried abotu getting pregnant after having s_x? I always seem to have that in my head until I get my peroid. I had a pregnancy scare when I was 13; maybe that's why. I love kids and can't wait to have them, just not right now.


Jaz - March 22

im 16 as well and i had unprotected s_x but he pulled it out before he could c_m can i still get pregnant


kelsi - March 26

I was a mom at 13


becca - March 27

welli am a mum and the only thing i find hard is the fact wen ever ive planned to go out she always wants feed after feed after feed so i cnt go out shes 2 n a half weeks old and im b___st feeding ne advice???


Nana Ronni - March 27

Becca, it is perfectly normall for a b___st fed baby to constantly want to feed in the early weeks. I too can remember those days even though it was many years ago. Have you thought about expressing off so you can see how much she is taking and then maybe you can top her up if you want to go out. I found that used to help, if you dont want to do that try to be a bit more patient as in about another 3 or 4 weks your baby should settle down to a bit more of a routine.


becca - March 27

yea im gunna try expressin this week but she dusnt like bottles @ all thank u


Phoebe - March 28

I want to kno why im having some stomach pains if you can help me e-mail at [email protected] I haven't had s_x sense 6 weeks ago


Marie - March 29

hey well me and my boyfriend want a baby really bad... i'm 16 and he is 18 and he is leaveing in june for the marines and i think i could be pregnant...and i know he will be there for me and the baby b\c he wants one and plus his older brother had a baby at his age and he was there for the mother.... i'm excited but my parents don't even know that i have had s_x... they are so strict and if i was pregnant i don't know how to tell them.. i know i would tell my mom first... my boyfriends parents would take it easy b\c they have been through this before with his older brother but i don't think my parents will take it well at all...some one please help me figure out how to tell them.


jennifer - April 1

i want a child and just turned 16 i would like 2 help anyone i can



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