I Was Kicked Out Of College Because Of Pregnancy

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ysabel - May 13

I am 18, single, pregnant and due next month. I used to study in an all girls catholic college in the Philippines called Assumption College. I was an active student and even participated in the Student Council. I was dedicated to my studies and making a difference in the school. Because they were a Catholic inst_tution, they had "conservative" rules. Once they learned of my pregnancy, they adviced me to leave the school and would accept me back after i give birth. Their reason for "advising" me to terminate my studies in their college was because the catholic school does not want to go through the "SHAME" of having students who commit in premarital s_x. Especially students who were not married. I was enraged by this but i had no choice. A month later, I then transferred to another co-ed university who accepted my condition. I moved to the US in March after my semester and now i'm just waiting for the baby to come out. You have the benefit of living in a country who have people who are more open minded and accepting by the fact that pregnancy in high school or college does exist. I wish i had support because i want to do something about that in my country. I hope we can share our ideas, together, we can make somewhat of a difference.


JenniferB - May 13

I am so sorry that they did that to you. Regardless of their decision you sound as though you are determined to get your education. I am glad that you haven't let them detour you from that. Best of luck on a healthy baby and easy delivery. :0)


CC - May 13

"You have the benefit of living in a country who have people who are more open minded" Thats a joke on here! I've never seen so many rude and closed minded idiots on here and most of them are american.


becca - May 13

yea my school kiked me out 2


JenniferB - May 13

Unfortunately, CC is right, there are a lot of people that are judgemental and intolerant everywhere. I guess all we can do is raise our own kids to respect differences in others. The problem is that so many people see things in black and white and aren't willing to look at the shades of gray.


Reba - May 13

I went to a college in the US that asked it's unmarried pregnant students to leave and could come back after the baby was born. It just looks bad to be a Christian inst_tution and have single preggies running around :-(


Audrey - May 13

Ysabel- Your situation is unfortunate, although it does not surprise me that a rigid Catholic school would do such a thing to hide the fact that students do engage in s_xual activities. Humans, young people in particular, are hormone driven and don't accept celibacy well. Although the Canadian rate of teen pregnancy is somewhat lower than in the U.S. it's still a taboo subject to many people. I wish you luck for a healthy child.


ysabel - May 13

Thanks for the encouragement! If you guys are interested in this subject, there is info about pregnant student rights in the article: More Than They Tell Us: Our Rights as Pregnant and Parenting Students By Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr....it states that........"If you are pregnant or parenting, you have a right to stay in school. More than that, under federal laws like Title IX, pregnant and parenting students are protected from discrimination at any public school, or at any school that receives government funding (like many colleges, universities, and private schools.) It’s important that we educate our school and our teachers about our rights, so that it can be made as easy as possible for us to stay in school throughout the challenges of pregnancy and parenting. If we work together with our cla__smates to recognize discrimination and defend our educational rights, we can make that much easier for the next mama to graduate from school.



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