I Was RAPED ANd I Am 2months Pregnant

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Lana - February 16

Last month i was raped by two people and i took a pregnancy test a week ago and i am pregnant and i am 19 but still eeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!!!!


Alexia - February 16

i am so sorry. i hope you will be ok. i am 17 and i am 6 weeks along. my babie's daddy ran off. i am not even sure where he went. anyways, i hope you feel better. if you would like to talk about what happend to you, you can email me at [email protected] you will be surprised at the things i have been through maybe we could exchange stories


Grandpa Viv - February 16

I hope you have gone to rape crisis counseling in your community. This is a traumatic experience and you probably need help putting it in perspective. Our hearts are with you.


Lana - February 17

Ok thanx mine iz a long story


Julia - February 17

LANA ...When I was 15 I was raped and became pregnant. I know excatly what you are feeling. If you want to talk email me [email protected] I will be praying forn you.................


x - February 17

y all the xclamation marks?


CJ - February 17

Lana I know how you feel I was raped when I was 16 and got pregnant with my daughter. I had her right after I turned 17. I kept her and I am glad that I did. I can't imagine my life with out her. I am sorry so that you had to go through it too.I hope that things work out for you.


Lana - February 18

Here is my story and if you wish to contact me email me at [email protected]:was just a normal girl. i had a caring family and a nice new house in sydney. i had just moved from adelaide coz my dads job had been transfered. well i was on my first day at school when two guys came up to me and asked me out and i jokingly said well i cant go out with both of you and one of them said why not. well this made me feel very uncomfortable and shocked so i said no and walked away. a few months had gone by and i was in a nice group of girls and i had a boyfriend.i was going to a party that night and i was pretty excited seeing it was my boyfriends friends party and i knew lots of older people were going to be there. the party was going well until i was going to the bathroom. when i got there, there was a girl spewing in the toilet so i asked someone if they knew where another toilet was and they said upstairs and so i went up and when i went to the toilet someone knocked on the door and i said i was in here so theyde have to wait. ok they said and when i was walking back no one was there so i started walking back and when i was walking past a door it opened and i was pulled in i screamed put they put there hand over my mouth. sure enough it was the two boys who had asked me out on my first day. i was so scared that i peed myself. they held me down and started to rip my clothes off and then i felt one of the guys bodies on me and i felt my v____a being ripped apart. i was in so much pain. the guys were completely in the nude now and one of them was sitting on my head so there p___s was on my mouth and i tried to keep it shut and he was blocking my nose so i had to open it to breath it was so horrible. the other guy was sticking his fingers into my v____a and than he started licking me. this went on about two hours and when they had finished one of the guys said to me that he'd kill me and make it a slow death and repeat all that he'd done tonight than he left. i couldnt put my clothes back on as they were ripped so i put on a nightgown that wasin the bedroom and i cleaned up all the blood and mess and ran home. i was in such a mess that i couldnt go to the toilet without pain and bleeding and i cried constantly. rumours spread that i was a phyco. the guys changed schools which was good for me. i was still in a bad state and i started turning on drugs. this went on for two years when i finally got help andthey couldnt find the guys but my advise is tell someone straight away even if they threaten to kill you coz otherwise those two boys will be locked up and not out there raping some other poor girl.


Lana - February 18

They did the same thing again but at someone else's party and that is how i am pregnant now


Julia - February 18

OMG........You poor thing.......honey our storys are very similar. I pray that you can make it through. You seem to be a strong person. Honey if I can help you email me okay [email protected]


M - February 19

How can you be 2 months pregnant if you were raped last month?


Lana - February 19

sorry i meant that i am 1month pregnant!


hehe - February 19

just what i thought.... lies....


Yes - February 19

Another ploy by the desperate people who are trying to adopt babies and want to make themselves seem Caring!!!!!!!!


Nev - February 21

Why do people lie about being raped? Do they get something out of it? Find it amusing when they come back and read the replies full of sympathy?


Ashley - February 21

Lana, if your story is true I pray for you that you will make it through this horrible ordeal with more strength and courage and get yourself the counselling necessary. If this story is not true then you should STILL seek help because there is obviously something seriously wrong in your head for you to make up such a horrific story and put it on a pregnancy forum!!! Either way... may god be with you.


A - February 21

Its amusing to see the way people disappear when they've been caught out as a LIAR



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