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Brooke - November 18

ok here it goes....ok i had unprotected s_x on october 25th and i was suppose to start my period on november 11th and i havent its already the 18th... do u think i can be pregnant? oh yea i look a pregnancy test november 12th and it came out negative..but i swear i feel all wierd i just cant explain it i think i am but im not sure.....


v - November 19

well you should probably know by now,so take another test to be sure. have you had sore b___sts?or morning sickness? those are just a couple of the symptons.Best wishes to you!


Brooke - November 19

well not sore b___sts i have sore nipples and i do get nausea but i havent thrown up YET... but ive came CLOSE. im going to take a pregnancy test in the morning when i first wake up so ill let ya know thanx for the advice it was greatly appreciated


T - November 19

Brooke - Your gonna have to do another pregnancy test. If its still negative and your period hasn't arrived within one week then do another test. If this test is still negative you'll have to see your doctor for a blood test. You may be pregnant since you had unprotected s_x and because your period is late. But not all late periods are pregnancy related. They can be hormonal related or your body has just decided to skip a period for some unknown reason. So try not to worry. But I would do another test and then another one in a weeks time if your period still hasn't arrived. If any of the tests come out positive you must have the pregnancy confirmed by your doctor. Dont worry its very confidential and your parents will never find out unless you tell them. Take Care!! :o)


Brooke - November 20

well i took the test it was an E.P.T. and there were two lines but the one in the circle that confirms ur pregnant cam up but lite and it was as dark as the other one... i dont kno what to think...I am? or not? ... that just keeps running threw my head ....its kinda frustrating.....im gonna take another one when i get my check :) next week


Brooke - November 20

"oops i meant it wasnt as dark as the other one " sry


Lace - November 20

I think you should make an appointment with your doctor, I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came back negative, and I was in fact pregnant...A blood test is a sure answer. Good Luck!


bambie - November 20

when my cousin took her pregnancy test the box said one line will be darker then the other but if there is anysigns of to lines then you are pregnate


T - November 20

Brooke - Two lines means it was positive hun. So you are most likely pregnant. You'll have to make an appointment with your doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed. He'll probably do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Its very normal for the second line to be fainter than the other line. Sometimes you can just about see the second line after a lot of squinting. But its still a positive. So call your doctor and make an appointment to have the pregnancy confirmed. :o)


Brooke - November 20

yea i read the fine print on the instructions and it said that one will be lighter then the other im scared.... i cant make an appointment with my doctor because i havent told my parents yet and there my only way of transportation


Grandpa Viv - November 20

Brooke, a positive test and a period ten days late means that at some stage you are going to have to tell your parents. Hard as it may be, the sooner you involve them in the decision making process, the better it will be for everyone. They love you and have your welfare at heart, more than you realize.


Brooke - November 21

yea i told my mom she was disappointed thats all she kept saying and my dad is the one that will flip hes out of town and me and my boyfriend have to tell him when he gets back... WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE.............


Brooke - November 21

i have another question when do u get ur first ultrasound?


Kayla - November 21

What are your symptoms if any?


Brooke - November 21

well.. i had cramps about a week ago but not ne more and my lower back aches. come time i get nausea but i havent thrown up thank god... all i swear i pee about 25 times a day ;) and tender nipples :p lol thats it really



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