I Went To The Doctors

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Kirsty Marie - July 12

I went to the doctors & she said im about 5 weeks.She said if i wanna know for sure i have to get an ultra sound done.I havnt told my mum yet & i dont know what she will say.My bf thinks his parents know something is up but im not worried about it cause his parents will take the news better then mine will!Im not sure how to tell them though cause either way they will go off!HOW DO I TELL THEM?!


Jodie86 - July 12

Theres no doubt it's going to be hard hunnie! I got pregnant at 16, and i remember being so scared about telling my parents, i walked in went straight upstairs to see my mum and called her into my bedroom. I burst into tears, and i said i had something to tell her. She knew then and asked me 'are you pregnant?' i think i blurted out '5 weeks' to her, and spent the rest of the day talking to her, haveing lots of hugs etc. I was incredibly worried about my dad though, that i actually got my mum to tell him when i was out. He phone me and said 'do you think i'm stupid?' i remember my heart just sank, waiting for the yelling match! But he just said to me 'look don't think you can't ever tell me anything, it's not cancer, i'm not loosing you, we can get through this as a family, whatever you and sean (bf of the time) decide' He really shocked me, well they both did, sorry to ramble on, i just mean that it may not be as bad as you think! It also depends on what kind of people your parents are like, you could try dropping hints, and get her to ask you, write them a letter, get a trusted family member/friend to talk to them??? Are you planning on keeping the baby if you don't mind me asking? If you need to talk to someone, i've been there and bought the t-shirt! I had an abortion as my boyfriend at the time was basically down the pub the day i did it, and was also cheeting on me, and i was young, and confused, just did what everyone kept telling me to do! Remember though hunnie, what ever you decide, it's your body, your right!!! (nice little saying i've learnt over the years) Plus, i'm also pregnant now, so i kind of understand both sides! Good luck with everything, and try not to get too stressed! Sorry about the looooong post! Smile :-)


Kirsty Marie - July 12

I want to keep it but i have to get a deffinate decision from kane (my bf).I think he wants me to have it but i just want to be sure he is ready for it.Thanx xoxo


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 12

aww congratz gurl.. dnt wrry i was scared to tell my mom that i lost of vigrinity but she was toatally kool about it and u always think ur gona get in trouble but they rather help u then see their daughter have problems yeh they might be mad at first but they will get over it they rather help their grandchild they see it living in the street wi a messed up life.... but good luck.. oo yeh n dont wiat to long to tell them cuz then it hurts more...


newmommy20072007 - July 12

hey! wow i hope that what ever decision you make is based on what you want and not what everyone else wants. i really hope that everything works out for you. it's ok to tell them. they're your parents so they have to love you regardless! i'm sure that they'll stick with you 100% and i'm happy you went to the doctor. i'm 9 weeks and due on valentine's day! had an ultrasound to hear the babies heartbeat yesterday! good luck and please keep me posted! oh ya if it helps, try to write a letter, i'm 17 and my boyfriend and i have our own place, and i'm n college and that's how i told my mom and i got a good responds back.


Grandpa Viv - July 12

Your parents should def. be clued in ASAP as they are part of the tem that is going to raies this baby. It's only fair. If you can't just blurt it out, start dropping hints about your signs until she asks. http://www.ppowb.org/gv/tell.htm



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