I Would Never

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Cheryl - June 6

I would never try to pressure anyone into adopting their baby out. There are women and girls who know that adoption is the best choice for them. I am only here to offer a home to a child whose parent is looking to place for adoption. I have already adopted one child privately. He has everything a child could wish for and so much more. The only thing he does not have that he would love to have is a sibling. If anyone wants to talk they can email me at [email protected] even if it is not about adoption. Maybe you just need a friend to talk to or listen. God bless all of you.


bump - June 6



Jill - June 6

Cheryl, I wish you luck in finding a baby. I know one day, this will happen for you and then you can get away from the people who treat you so badly. I wish you all the luck in the world.


Unbelievable - June 6

Maybe people treat her so badly b/c this is pregnancy-info, not adoption-info.


Cheryl - June 7

Thank you Jill!!!


Lace - June 7

Cheryl is a great mom and a wonderful person. Her whole family is really nice and we love them. She was my foster mom and she was really fun and took us to lots of fun places. Anyone considering adoption should contact her so you can get to know her. Don't believe the other posts on here that say bad things about her. I know she is wonderful because I know her personally. Her family will always be a part of our lives.


Lace - June 7

Forgot to tell you her email [email protected]


Christina - June 7

Cheryl, you seem like a great person and I am sorry that people have been giving you a hard time. I wish you luck and hope you can give another child a wonderful home as well.


Cheryl - June 7

Thank you Christina!!!


Christina - June 7

You are very welcome!! Hang in there, what is meant to be, will be!! :)


Mindy - June 8

Cheryl is awesome. She does ministry and charity work to help others. I have never seen anyone like her. She does benefit concerts to help others and never keeps a dime of the money. She is truly an awesome one of a kind person.



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