Idk 14 And Dnt Kno What To Think

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lonelyteen10 - August 2

im a 14 yr old girl who has no idea what the h__l is going on in her life. me and my ex had s_x on june 14th 2011, it was unprotected and now i am having h__la symptoms. my best friend got me a pregnancy test and it came up negative.. my symptoms continued to show and now my period is supose to come on the 18th im experiencing spotting at the moment i have no clue what to do someone help me


Grandpa Viv - August 2

Oh dear! Let's have some dates to help figure things out. When did you start menstruating? How do you know your period is supposed to come on Aug 18th if you have not had one since the beginning of June? Was your cycle regular, and how many days? Does the calendar show the dates of your last several periods? When did you first notice symptoms, and can you list some of them? When did you do the pregnancy test? Good luck!


lonelyteen10 - August 5

my period is always the 18th to the 22nd of every month.I havent had my period since the 14th of july. ive had back aches really tired my reasts r semi swolen and very tender weird food cravings frequent urination headaches. my est friend and i are going to go to my local planned parenthood this wekk to get a pregnany test and look at my options.


Grandpa Viv - August 5

The Planned Parenthood option is great. Please give feedback on how helpful they are. If your period always comes the 18th, ovulation would be the 4th, and s_x the first few days of the month would be risky. Did you have exposure the first days of June? If you got pregnant in early june, a test in early July should have shown positive. Then you had a period July 14th - was it perhaps lighter and shorter than usual - that can happen in pregnancy. When did you start noticing the symptoms you are having? They sure do sound like pregnancy. GL!


lonelyteen10 - August 5

i started noticing the symtoms around the beginning or july


Grandpa Viv - August 6

It's difficult to make things add up here. My guess is that a cyst is as likely as pregnancy. Try Planned Parenthood, then ask your mom if it is time for you to start your annual gyno visits.


lonelyteen10 - August 6

ok thanks



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