If Any Expectant Teen Mom Have Questions I Am A Teen Mom

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M - November 8

i am a teen mother if you have any question ASK!!


kirsty - November 9

hi im jst askin a little question the ohter day i wen to the toilet an there was this clear liquid coming out of my v____a an got my periods the 5th of october an now they have gone i took a pregnancy test an ot came up negative i wanna know whats goin on i have asked everyone but they wouldnt tell me an im 17


M - November 9

The only thing I can think of is if you had s_x and the c_m was still inside and it came out.


anny - November 10

i just found out that i'm going to be a mom i'm 17 and i just want to know what i'm going to go threw. and wat i need to do my parents have not been to open to it ecspecially my mom i just want to know what to do like how to take care of my self and the baby during pregnancy thank you for your hel anny


Jbear - November 10

to kirsty...when you ovulate, your v____al secretions are thick and clear. That might be the clear liquid you noticed. Also, if you've been really turned on, even if you didn't have s_x, you might have a clear discharge. Wait a week and if you haven't had your period take another pregnancy test. Sometimes, even if you've been having regular periods for a while, they can become irregular, especially if you're under a lot of stress or have changed your eating habits drastically (either putting on a lot of weight or not eating enough) or if you've started exercising a lot more than usual. The birth control pill can also cause irregular periods (if that's the cause, ask your doctor about changing the dosage).


M - November 10

Well its not easy but you will do it, your parents might not like it at first but they will accept it and get happy eventually. especially when you have it. Start prenatal vitamins and make an appt with an obgyn. It can get hard and overwhelming at first but you will get used to it, is the father still in the picture? I have pics of my daughter, baby shower and ultrasounds at http://aniyahl.piczo.com/?preview=y&g=10338163&cr=2&rfm=y keep me posted, my e mail is [email protected]


wow m - November 10

she is really beautiful! how old are u? iam 22 and iam pregnant for the third...their all planned. here is my site http://jadeandjacob.piczo.com


M - November 10

your kids are cute, you have alot of pictures i only have a few! when are you due? what do u want to have?



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