If The Cum Drips Out Can You Still Get Pregnant

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Kelli - September 6

I am 16 My boyfriend and I have had s_x alot for 5 months.After he c_ms in me it all drips out.I was told you can't get pregnant as long as it drips out.Now he is saying that its not true.I think he just dosen't want s_x wih me.I NEED to have s_x about 5 times a week.I have aready cheated on him becoase of this.The other guy hasn't said anything and seems to be fine with c_ming in me.How can I get my boyfriend to c_m in me again?If he is right what are the chances of me getting or being pregnant?


LilMamma - July 25

well, it's a high chance that you can become pregnant


jenny - July 25

yeh u myte need to be careful with that... if u keep cheating on him u myt end up pregnant by the other guy... or maybe youll end up pregnant and not know who the father is... and the risk of getting pregnant that way is very high... even if some on the c_m comez out.. some of it may not... good luck gurl..


Val - July 25

I'm 28 yrs old and a mother of four every single time I have ever had s_x the man's s____n has dripped out afterwards. So I hope I just blew your false security to heck. Besides how can anyone be sure that all of the "c_m" dripped out, It only takes one you know. You ppl really should be educating yourself about these things before you go messing around with s_x and pregnancy. EDUCATION=POWER!!!!


Lena - July 25

Kelli, you can get pregnant even if the tiniest drop of s____n gets anywhere near your v____al opening. The chances of you getting pregnant are extremely high, you might as well be trying to get pregnant by the method you're using. Please do not have a child at your age, especially if you did not even know this simple piece of information. You need to go to school and complete your education first. Good Luck!


anon - July 25

dude what are you seriously thinking?!?!?!


Dave O - August 1

I am going to use this one


jkj - September 1

ha ha ha


Shana - September 1

Umm... luv.... thats called gravity, ofcourse once a guy ejaculates inside you, it will leak out... it does not mean that you are not prengnant, the chances of being pregnant are really high.. and you obviously are not having s_x responsilby so I hope for your sake you are not. Don't listen to what people say... educate yourself!


Sam - September 3

Are you trying to get pregnant?and why do u NEED s_x 5 times a week??and yes u can DEFENATELY get pregnant even if the c_m drips out!!


The real deal - September 6

Kelli, I don't know where you heard that BS but do you really think all of those millions of sperm are going to drip out of you as opposed to some of them going up to find your egg? Young sperm have a way of finding your egg with no problem at all. I am surprised you didn't get pregnant earlier than this. I will remind you that it takes only one sperm the first time to become pregnant. If you are lucky enough to find yourself NOT pregnant, use some type of birth control or you will surely be pregnant soon by some guy.....its just a matter time. Then you'll have to determine just who the father is. Do you really want that?


lin - October 14

get your learn on


Shorty - October 14

UM.. YES... and if you dont know this, then what the hell are you doing having s_x... and no one NEEDS to have s_x... its not like you will die if you do not open up your legs for a while. You are a dirty little scrag...please go away


britt412 - October 15

not only will u might can get preg. but there are STDS and AIDS!!!! Be careful


trenton finnest - October 18

having unpretected s_x you could be transmitting diseases and the new guy doesn't have any problem c_mming in you have you thought who else has he c_m in


E - October 18

Gravity cannot prevent pregnancy. Anyone who has ever been pregnant had the s____n drip out of them as they eventually had to stand up.


bkat - October 20

sperms purpose is to find the egg... they can fight against gravity. even if you think it leaked out there was still some that was inside you. if you do not wish to become a mother you should get on a hormonal type birthcontrol because you said that you want him to "c_m" inside you. i would also have him checked for stds if you wish for this. he may be more comfortable if you are on an oral contraceptive which are very good at preventing pregnancy and cheaper than a baby. good luck



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