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anonymous - February 9

Check out www.mttu.com/abort-pics/ FIRST!!!!!!! This will help you make an informed decision.


KM - February 9

That's not making an informed decision. I'm not checking out the site, but i'm a__suming it's pro-life propaganda, and not unbiased information on abortions.


Kelli - February 9

and if you we're to moronic to understand, I was being sarcastic. If you don't want abortions then why not offer these girls the money and support to bring a child up? Because in real life babies can't be brought up just by 'mommies love'


re: Kelli - February 9

Have you had abortions? There are options! you are pathetic.


to kelli. from anna - February 9

what would you suggest ? murdering it just because it is not wanted? That's civilized? How can you call a woman that's willing to fight for the life of her baby a "Victim?" Give it up for adoption..... that is calle LOVE. And that girl can find support, there are alot of moms on here who have not killed their babies.


none - February 9

I think some people can't handle the truth of abortion and that is your problem.


Hilary - February 9

I'm prolife, but I think the girls on here know there options and don't need to be pressured by us: Raising them, adoption, abortion, they need to think them over THEMSELVES, I'm sure if they need help they will ask.


Kelli - February 9

Course there are options - and abortion is one of them. Nothing of what I said was understood obviously. To 're: kelli' whether I have had abortions or not isn't anyones business, have you been put in the situation where you may need to consider it as an 'option'? If you have, kudos, if you haven't you don't know what your talking about. To 'anna' is it not the girls/womans choice to make up her own mind about what SHE wants to do about HER situation? As with abortion, adoption is also a difficult and sometimes heartbreaking decision. And NO before you start I'm not comparing the two. To 'none' it is not me with the problem as regards to the truth. The truth is - it happens, you won't stop it happening no matter how much you would like to, and believe it or not there are many women happy with the fact they had one. This in no way means that they are heartless and callous, a judgement often made about women who have an abortion. The point of my post, which has so obviously been ignored or misunderstood, is that once these girls keep their babies none of you really care about how she is going to cope and what kind of life she and the baby are going to have. In truth, by the time she has left this forum you have forgotten about her and moved onto someone else and it all starts again. You are not willing to help a girl out with bringing up the baby are you?? Everyone has the right to choose what path to take. You have, I have and every other being on the planet. Sites like the one posted here are purely for selfish reasons, and if they really were for 'helping people make decisions' they would have lists of 'pros and cons' and depict a totally unbiased view. Thank you.


re:kelli - February 9

First of all no I have not been in that situation I do not live a wreckless life thank you very much. You obviously have had an abortion or you would not mind saying you did not. I have been there for girls after birth and offered suppot so you do not know what you are talking about. I do understand there are situations where the mothers life might be in danger and such. Other than that abortion is MURDER!


Kelli - February 9

Support at a web page. I'm sorry but no I haven't had an abortion. I have miscarried twice and have a 2 year old. You should not automatically a__sume that if someone defends a persons right to choose to have an abortion that they have had one.


Re;kelli - February 9

No not support at a webpage.


Re;kelli - February 9

I have actually taken care of young ladies and their children and supported them financially and emotionally until they could get back on their feet.


tammy - February 9

I would totally be willing to help a girl....have her baby. I love "life" that much!!!!!!!!! Kelli, you sound very pessimistic. People really do care out there!


Kelli - February 9

Well good for you, but please appreciate that you cannot do it for everyone, and that it is not in everyones nature to do such a thing. Everyone has the right to make the decision themselves, and there are also many reasons for abortion. Many people make the argument that girls use it as a form of contraception, and in my eyes there are people beyond helping because they are irresponsible and would do it no matter what anyone said. But there are genuine mistakes and contraception failure etc, and like it or not abortion is here and is an option. There is also rape, medical problems and disability. All these effect a decision and what right has anyone else got to say how one person lives their life. I hope you can appreciate the point I have been making, because I don't want a nasty debate about who's right and wrong because there is no such thing. We all have our own minds but when it comes to biasing, judging, trickery and guilt tripping to coerce someone into doing what another person thinks they should do, a line must be drawn.


Lei - February 9

I'm with you Kelli.


to kelli - February 9

Since you're all into defending people's rights....... what rights does the baby have in your mind?


Kelli - February 10

While a fertilised egg is developing into a fetus in a woman body it is the womans responsibility. It is a man and woman who create a potential life, are they not allowed a say in what should happen? Well, yes and a hell of a lot more say than the general public that don't actually care about the baby personally and won't be involved with it. They just want everyone to do what they believe in because they believe every other way is wrong. But there is never a practical reason given for the views. For some reason you all seem to think that aborted fetuses are fully formed babies and use this to scare young women. Why? The majority of abortions are performed before a child is formed, and aren't these torturous pictures you are looking at. I don't see you acknowledging that these pictures give a totally biased view. Could you tell me why you go looking at these pictures instead of doing some proper unbiased research on the subject? You'll find that you are biased too. But if people carry on with this scaremongering they will one day realise that they aren't having an effect because a person WILL make up their own mind about what to do in THEIR situation without listening to the interference of people who haven't got a clue what they are going through. They shouldn't have to put up with small-mindedness and ignorance from strangers. You won't stop abortions being performed.



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