If You Think You Re Pregnant Or Are Pregnant Read This I Am Not Going To Offend You

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shana - August 23

listen.you guys have just made this biggest mistake of your lives. you're not ready for a baby yet. i got pregnant when i was 13. im 15 and have a two year old. i love her to death, but its so hard. the friends you had before you got pregnant? kiss em goodbye. your so called boyfriend? most likely, h__l leave. see, he's not the one who stays up all night, trying to get his baby to go to sleep. he's not the one who gets looks when he goes out in public. he's not the one who has to change stinky diapers day and night. he's not the one who has to see his parent's disappointed faces when they see you're not looking. you have no idea how hard it is. none. what your parents have told you about parenting means nothing until you've done it alone. you're always worrying about the baby. you have to get a job to support the baby and go to school.its hard to love someone more than you love youself when you're used to getting all the attention. my parents always told me to wait and till im married to have s_x. sure, partying and having s_x with your boyfrind is fun until you find out you're pregnant. im not saying get and abortion, because you made the mistake, and you have to fix it by taking care of your responsibilities. you think im just saying this? think again, because this is real life. sorry to bust your bubble , but you're not going to be one big happy family with no problems and your child is an angel and the dad coming home from his job with flowers for you, and a gift for his kid? thats not going to happen if you find out you're not pregnant, you got the easy way out.dont have s_x. if you absolutely cant wait that long, use a condem and birth control. both. if you are pregnant, you are in for the ride of your life, and if you dont hold on tight, you're not going to make it.if you think that you're going to be different than me, go ahead and take the chance. that's what i thought when someone tried to tell me this. but there is a highly unlikely chance that you will end up differantly. you will love the baby so much, like i love my daughter india. she is so sweet. my only regret is that i didnt wait. now, she doesnt have a dad, and will never experience what i did. that breaks my heart. parents can teach about s_x all they want, but the final choice is yours. keep your legs closed. im not saying that all boys will run away, but 9 out of 10 will. good luck. im praying for you. thanks for your time.


Beth - June 16

This girl knows what she's talking about. Shana, good luck to you, and I hope that everything works out for you. It sounds like you've really taken responsibility for your actions, and I applaud you for that.


Jamie - June 16

I agree w/this girl. my friend Jc had her baby a year ago at the end of our 9th grade year. She had to quiet school, the guy hates her now. Also my friend Misty jsut had her lil girl, she is so small and cute but Misty is just 16. She got married, he is 17 now niether have jobs, his parents wanted them to get married, and have a kid.. They were only 16, come one!! They both had to drop out of school. Listen to Shana, she is goin thru these things already!!


jamie - June 16

come on**


kelly - June 16

Thats a very sad, long and boring story. Yea teenagers should wait and Yada yada yada but boring them to death is not the way. It is there choice what to do and they need to make sure that the guy that they are playing adult games with, will be there for the consequences. If he says that he would not be there and you bothe are not ready for a baby, DON'T HAVE s_x! Bottom line, cause contraceptive can fail and condoms will break. Im 16 and I have a 18 month old baby girl, I love her with all my heart and so does her daddy. he was by my side through the whole thing and he still is by my side today. We both go to school and have partime jobs, Our parents help out with child care. We decided if we are going to act like adults and have s_x, than we need to do the adult thing and face the consequences. Im not bitter about what I did because I knew what i was getting myself into. The only thing you can do is help those who are in your postion, know that life can go on and you cam make somthing of yourself regardless.


Momma - June 16

Just wanted to say that you seem a little bitter about having your child. Every morning when you get up and face those challeges, you should face them with warmth, love and the ambition to go on and be sucessful. Don't care about what others think, don't even pay attention to their stares. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES! Nobody can judge you! take this bad thing and make it into a good thing, show the world that you out shine this mistake. Give your child the best life that you can. Its all will power. You have to take extra steps on acomplishing goals. I had friends who got pregnant in high school and took home studies just to keep up with graduating. Everyone will not end up like you. Stop hiding your face in shame and step into the light! Show people that you know what you did was wrong and your making it right. If u need help, let me know, there are plenty of organizations that help teen moms get training that they need for jobs, they also help with food and clothing. You say that u love your child, well show her, by being strong no matter what. Good luck to you and I hope you becoming an inspiration to all.


Laura - June 16

Well...it sounds to me like you are very bitter about having a child. Having s_x at 13 was obviously a huge mistake! I hope and pray that everything will work out for you and your daughter in the long run, but you shouldn't say that everyone is going to turn out like you! Just because your daughter's father wasn't man enough to stick around and handle his responsibilities, doesn't mean that every other man is going to turn out just like him! I have a 29 month old daughter that I love more than anything. I had her when I was 17. I'm still with her father. He stuck around, b/c he wanted to! He handled his responsibilities! We're still very much in love and trying to have another child! Of course it's hard sometimes, but waking up every morning and having to see the most precious gift on earth is just amazing! Seeing my daughter smile and seeing her grow is wonderful! You have to work with what you God dealt you. Don't be bitter and say everyone is going to have a horrible life! Look to the brighter side of things, girl! You have your daughter and that's all that should matter! Screw your baby's dad! Take him to court and get child support...if he's not good for anything else, at least he can help his child out! Anyway...I hope everything does work out for you! Good luck!


shana - June 18

i never said that im bitter about having a child. i never said that i dont like her. and i didnt say that every teen mom will turn out like me. but most of them will. my point is, that it is a big responsibility to take care a a baby at the age of 13, 14, 15, etc. dont you dare say that it's easy, cause its not. even as an adult it's hard to take care of a baby, and you're trying to say it's easy for you? i am doing the best i can to raise my daughter the right way and make sure that she doesnt make the mistakes i did. i would die for her in a second. i just wish i would have waited until later to have her. and kelly? im really happy for you that the dad stayed with you and all, but how many other teen dads stay with their girlfriends when he finds out they're pregnant? not many.


vanessa - June 18

kelly, if it was so sad and boring, why'd you read it. no one forced you too. and since you're so bitter, with or without a child, i seriously doubt that your boyfriend is still with you.


Kelly - June 19

First of all VANESSA, no one was talking to you. Any how my answer was directed to Shana. You can doubt anything you want about me, I really don't care. Well thanks Shana, for clearing up a few things. It seemed as if you regreted having your child, and wish she was not in your life. But now that you cleared it up, thats good because you don't want her to think you don't love her. Sorry if I came off bitter to you, Im just tired of peolpe throwing it in our faces that we should have waited. Yea its hard as hell to raise a child these days, but I focus on the good, and it always out weighs the bad. Just keep your head up and stay far away from b___hes if you know what I mean.


adriana - July 16

hi. i just wanted to say, that you are really brave. i couldn't imagine what i'd do if i ever got pregnant at 13. and kelly said that it was a very long and boring story, but if she was paying any attention whatsoever, she would have realized that it was not a story. more like a warning.


steph - July 16

Shana i got pregnant at 14 and had my baby at 15.i really thought my baby's father cared for me as much as i cared for him.nope!he didn't.how the heck do you make sure a guy will stick around for consequences? haha guys lie.Kelly sounds like one of the lucky ones.when i finally told my parents they kept me a prisoner in the house with no insallation.i had to ask to sit on the front or back porches,to make or recieve phone calls from my own sisters and i couldn't talk to any of my friends what so ever.a walk around the block was out of the question.they kept me in that house and told me no one wanted me.i was really depressed.i really started to think no one loved,cared or wanted me.it was terrible.i didn't even care to ask my father if i could live with him instead of my mom and her idiot boyfriend.i was really believing that c___p.after about 8 months of that i ran away for 2 years.when i turned 18 i made contact.during the time i was away i met a guy and he is now my fiance and we are pregnant.as a mature adult and mother i still think they got what they deserved.but d__n!it is hard having a baby at such a young age.i do think back at what my mom would tell me before i got prego and i kind of do wish i had listed because i did have to say good-bye to my teenage years.i had to force my daughters father to be a father by getting him on child support.yes it is very hard and i hated those looks from other people pa__sing by but don't put too much thought into it.i think it's maybe because you're going through the terrible two's.but in the end you'll be just fine and good luck to you and your baby.


shana - July 17

i really have to agree that the looks and whispers you get are bad, but they don't know our story. they can't judge us.


shana - July 17

being a parent is hard, but going into labor is the worst. if i ever have another baby, i am going to demand a c-section.


LilMamma - July 21

To be honest, just because you're going through the experience you are, does't mean everyone else will. Yes having a child is a very big change in your life and it's hard, but it's not a mistake. How can you refer to having your own child as a mistake? If you're going to react the way you are, then why didn't you just give your child up for adoption, so it could be with a family who wants it, because you seem like you don't.


shana - July 22

lilmamma, i'm not even going to respond to what you just said. you twisted every word i said into me trying to imply that i hate india. think what you want to think. i just came to share my story, and that's exactly what i did, whether you liked it or not.


VL - July 22

Hey! I just wanted to say that your story really did make me look at things differently. I've been in a relationship w/ a guy now for a little over and year and we are s_xually active but its not something our relationship is built on. We take precaution even though I know theres only so much you can do to prevent pregnancy. I'm scared to death of having a child at this age. I guess thats why we've only done it 5 times. But anyways, my point is that I think everyone needs to leave you alone. They keep saying u made the mistake of having s_x at 13 but its not like you gave your child up for adoption. You took responsibilty for what you did. And as for LilMamma, the comment you said about her giving up her child for adoption, that was not only stupid but WAY out of line. You obviously dont know what its like to be a parent and maybe one day you'll get the chance to experience it, and when you do, I hope you realize how dumb and immature that comment was. NO ONE should have to give up their baby for adoption. And anyways, if she did chose to do that, I'm sure you'd have something to say about that too! Get your facts straight before you go nosying in other people's conversations. Well, good luck to you Shana and I hope everything works for the best.



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