If You Think You Re Pregnant Or Are Pregnant Read This I Am Not Going To Offend You

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VL - July 22

Hey! I just wanted to say that your story really did make me look at things differently. I've been in a relationship w/ a guy now for a little over and year and we are s_xually active but its not something our relationship is built on. We take precaution even though I know theres only so much you can do to prevent pregnancy. I'm scared to death of having a child at this age. I guess thats why we've only done it 5 times. But anyways, my point is that I think everyone needs to leave you alone. They keep saying u made the mistake of having s_x at 13 but its not like you gave your child up for adoption. You took responsibilty for what you did. And as for LilMamma, the comment you said about her giving up her child for adoption, that was not only stupid but WAY out of line. You obviously dont know what its like to be a parent and maybe one day you'll get the chance to experience it, and when you do, I hope you realize how dumb and immature that comment was. NO ONE should have to give up their baby for adoption. And anyways, if she did chose to do that, I'm sure you'd have something to say about that too! Get your facts straight before you go nosying in other people's conversations. Well, good luck to you Shana and I hope everything works for the best.


kim - July 23

Hey listen Shana you really helped me now i dont wanna have s_x or anything like that.I just wanna say THANK YOU


Trinity - July 23

OK well i agree somewhat with you. IM sorry but i too had my son young i was 14 my b.f an i are still together we live together he works so i dont have to. HEs 21 and im now 18 our son will be 4 in aug. he has the best life ever, so do i. If i could chane the past i wouldnt. I mean i do sometimes miss hanging out but you know what i dont care i get to hang out wiht my son an hes more fun then any of my friends used to be. Yes you are true its hard it is not no stroll in the park but its not the END OF YOUR LIFE~! Its a begining to life that is magical and fun an soemtimes theres those bumbs but you just gotta go slow and get over them. Plase dont listen to the ppl saying yer life is over an all that blah blah .. It will be ok . You will sitll have a life you just gotta make some adjustments.. Good Luck all moms 2 be and dads 2 be


Beth - July 23

Seriously! Half of you on here are babies yourselves! Hasn't anyone ever heard of morals and values? What happened? I know you don't realize it now but you are at an age where you think you know everything. You will later grow up to find out that you don't. Having a baby is a HUGE responsiblity! And for anyone that says adoption is such a bad thing, WRONG. It's a mature thing. If you know that you can not provide for a child, and you REALLY love your child, you will do anything you can to give it the best life possible. And sometimes that means letting go. And as for having s_x at such a young age - wait till your children are 12 & 13, then tell me if you think their old / mature enough to be in an intimate relationship. Think about it.


monica - July 24

yeah.. you are right she should face those challanges with warmth and all that.. but for real what 15 year old do you know who wakes up to anything with warmth and/or compa__sion.. wake up.. Shana, you are doing the best you can in the situation you have, its not easy and I know its not.. and no we don't always make to right choices or the best choices.. and life does not always start out as "ONCE UPON A TIME" and nor does it end "HAPPILY EVER AFTER", but what does happen is life goes on.. and you get stronger.. I am 23 and a single mom.. and i was preg. in high school and yeah people looked and talked but you know.. I love Mckala more than anything and now life is not perfect and nor will it be the way I would like it to be.. but in reality... people who marry then have babies.. how often do the "happily ever afters" happen for them? and whether you are 13 or 23... and having a baby or have had... just be thankful if he/she is healthy.. because you could be facing an unplanned preg. and have an unhealthy baby.. so how ever bad you or anyone else thinks it is ... it could always be worst..


LilMamma - July 25

VL - as a response to what you've said, when i mentioned her giving her child up for adoption, i don't mean at this current moment. What i meant was when she gave birth to it. It would be terrible to do it now. I didn't mean to make it sound that way.


LilMamma - July 25

And by the way, I am a parent, and i love my child to death and would do anything for it.


shana - July 25

yes.beth, i have heard about morls and stuff like that, but my family never told me that i could really do anyhthing in life. never told me not to have s_x.well, they did, but didnt push on it. they always worked. the people on here ask us why we were having s_x at this age, but we didnt know any better. but, im not blaming them. my dad is a great guy. they just didnt think they needed to talk to me about s_x much. they just told me to wait until i was married.


kimberly - July 27

Well, I know how you feel because I am a teen mother myself. And it is very hard. I thought it was going to be easy and I was wrong,dead wrong.I am 18 and I thought I was ready for one but I wasn't. I wish I could have waited. My baby is almost 3 months old.


Anonymous - July 27

I absolutely agree. My long-time boyfriend and I had s_x for the first time a couple weeks ago and I've been so worried about getting pregnant since then that I can't imagine WANTING a baby as a teenager. I'm 16 going on 17 and it took this scare to make me realize all I have in store for me in life. I think I'm just paranoid about becoming pregnant for no reason, but it's changed my life. I'm lucky to have a caring boyfriend who understands this, but we won't be having s_x again until we're married. I hope you guys will all make that same choice. Good luck Shana and it really sounds like you've owned up to your actions, and that takes a lot of guts. Rock on.


Roxanne - July 27

Should i stop going out to party as i am pregnant


leigh - July 28

shana your story is sad but you made bad choices as did I i too was a teen mother but me and the father married and was happy i had my beatiful son 3 days after i graduated from high school we was a happy family for 3 years then i got divorced but we parted as friends for our child i went on to college and got a degree i am now 30 and my son is 14 i own my home and have a real good job my son is an A & B student in the 9th grade my life has been wonderful and he is my only i am not like most teen moms that keep popping out baby after baby like you don't know whats causing them but being a teen mom is not that bad and if i had it to do over again I WOULD in a heaartbeat!!!!!!!


hannah - July 31

you go girl!


jenny,16 - August 2

im a mother of a beautiful baby boi, half cuban, half black. he has these big beautiful green eyes, but everytime i look into them, i hurt. with a deep pain. i was 15 when i got pregnant, and 16 when i had the baby, it was normal in my school for teenagers to be pregnant, no dirty stares or nothing. but outside, life wasnt so easy anymore. especially when i had my son 7 months ago. lil dyric came out n lighted up my life.......until i had to take him home. dont get me wrong, i love my son to death, and im not bitter, but being a mother and going to school and working is one of the hardest combinations in life. i wouldnt trade my son for anything, i just wished i waited. and his father, at first wanted nothing todo with me, denied dyric was his. and when he was born, he looked exactly like him, same eyes nose mouth chin everything. watching his son being born really changed him. no we are not together, but we are the best of friends. and he loves his son and takes care of him. we jus both wish we would have waited. im not trying to preach to any young teenagers about what to and what not to do. but please, if your going to have s_x, be prepared to face the consquences. having s_x is an adult decision, and it has adult consequences. ones that may last up to about 18 yrs! so please just be smart about it, please!


Deb - August 17

Kelly, I think that I might be pregnant. I dont know what to do. My parents would kick me out if they new. I will be 18 in 3 months.. How did you tell your parents? I'm so scared. I know the guy that I am with will stay with me. He's kinda been through this before. His ex got pregnant, but it ended up not even being his. He say's that he will get an apartment. He is 20. Can you help me out? Someone please?


!!!!! - August 18

Deb, what you need to do, is give your parents the benifit of the doubt.. sit them down and talk with them as an adult... and just tell them how you feel... of course their going to be upset, and disappointed... but this doesnt have to be a bad thing, as long as you take responsbilty and put your priorites into perspective... and tell them that... trust me... just be mature and adult about it... and see what happens....



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