If You Think You Re Pregnant Or Are Pregnant Read This I Am Not Going To Offend You

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!!!!! - August 18

Deb, what you need to do, is give your parents the benifit of the doubt.. sit them down and talk with them as an adult... and just tell them how you feel... of course their going to be upset, and disappointed... but this doesnt have to be a bad thing, as long as you take responsbilty and put your priorites into perspective... and tell them that... trust me... just be mature and adult about it... and see what happens....


Deb - August 18

People... What are the best syemptoms of being pregnant? I'm really scared.. my boyfriend and I always have unprotected s_x... i dont know if I am or not plz help!


brittany - August 18

wow guys. I am 16, and am almost 20 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is 21. He has taken responsibility since I told him, and even before when we had unprotected s_x he was still willing to support and love and be with me through it all. We're still contemplating keeping it or putting it up for adoption. But, you girls make it seem like every guy who gets a teenage girl pregnant abandons them or wont stick around..its so discouraging. I dont doubt my boyfriend for a second, but I mean geez..dont be so harsh on all guys.. First of all, when you're a teenager having s_x you need to sit down and talk with your boyfriend about the CONSEQUENCES of what you are doing..if he wont talk or is negative then that should be your first major sign..or if he isnt as happy or anxious about going through this with you as he should be..then you know what type of guy he is..Basically what im trying to say is you should know a guy well enough to know he will stick things out when they get tough before you go off and have any type of s_x with them..thanks girls :o)


amanda - August 19

I agree with you shana. I have a 4 1/2 month old little girl. My babies daddy left me when I was 2 months pregnant. It is hard raising a baby by your self. But I love my lil girl!!!!!!


Deb - August 23

I took my test at this place. It said that I am not pregnant. But I was supposed to start yesterday. But I still havent. Any idea's what's going on?


tesha - September 21

i just had my baby boy 1 week and 3 bays ago. i feel about ready to scream. im 15, and my parents look at me like im the stupidest thing on the planet earth. i havent slept in days, and even though i love my baby more than life itself, it is sosososo hard. i feel like bursting out crying. i am so lost.my boyfriend said he loved me and was going to marry me, but i havent heard from him in weeks. my friend told me that he was going out with this girl named caitlin. all i do is change diapers, hear crying, hold him, feed him, and get spit up on. i need help, but adoption is not an option because i know it will get better. when he's 18. and if he left, i would miss him like crazy. my parents won't help at all. they look at him like he's trash, and they havent even touched him. they didnt come to the hospital to see me. my grandma had to. i know i made a mistake, but i dont even think my parents love me anymore. they hate me and the baby. i cant believe i got knocked up. my grandme tries to help me as much as she can.i gotta go. the baby's crying again. and once again, I DO LOVE MY BABY!!! IM NOT BITTER ABOOUT HAVING HIM, BECAUSE HE DIDNT OPEN MY LEGS FOR ME. bye.


kennesha - September 22

tesha, you have a very sad life.


Indiana - September 25

Tesha - if your own parents look at their grandchild like that, i wouldnt even be staying with them. I dont care if i didnt have anywhere to go. You said that your grandmother was there for you, maybe you should stay with her and get a job. When you have a job, save your money and get emancipated (might be a crazy idea) but thats what my best friend did. Her mother literally hated her for having her baby, she was 16. She quit school for her sophmore year (ONLY!!!). She got two jobs and stayed with her aunt and uncle. She didnt have to give them a DIME while she stayed with them that year, they told her to save every cent of her money for one year, they paid for her and her son's food, clothing, etc. when that year was over and she saved all that money from her two jobs. She got emancipated and they live in a nice small 2 bedrm apt. I stay with her too, I'm 18. I work nite so that she can go to school and work during the day. Well this is getting too long, so good luck to everyone!!!!


toni - September 25

so indiana making one irresponsible decision makes ok to make another--moving out when you have no place to go WITH a newborn is an irresponsible decision. quitting school is an even worse decision, can she even work @ 15? her parents are p__sed off and they should be, maybe they will come around and maybe they won't. but she made several choices and she must live with the consequenses( parents are rightly p__sed off, and making her take care of HER child)--taking responsibility for the baby and making sure it remains in a stable environment, her parents aren't abusing her or her son, is another responsible decision. welcome to real life sometimes we don't get everything just the way we wanted them.


nikki - September 25

i am 13 now and i am scared i am pregnant i duno what to do mi am realy scared my boyfirend have been 2 gether for evaer and we love eachother to buts but i dno if i can cope its not me knowing that im pregnant it what if i am i am tefified and if i am pregnant i am definotly having an abortion


rere - September 28

wow. i didnt reely no that u guys went through so much.



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