If Your A Teen Mother Or Goin To Be A Teen Mother

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Cookie - October 11

its not really a question and i mad about how people keep sayin if u bring a child into this world it wont suceed but im 15 and the thing is im pregnant. Now I see a problem wit havin a baby at 13 or 14 but i only got two more years cus my baby will be born 5 months after im 16 . But by the time im 18 my baby will be 2 years and not anywhere near being able to go to school, when the child is 6 ill be 21 and able to provide fully for my child I have a job social services help from parents friends and otha family. Now someone tell me y my child wont be able to suceed in life some 1 tell me y i shouldnt bring this child in to the world.


Bonnie - October 11

Cookie, I don't think anyone (or at least most people) really think your baby won't be able to succeed just because you're a teen mom. :) I think people are more concerned about how difficult it is to raise a child when you are a teenager yourself. The statistics and odds are a lot lower for both mom having a good life and baby having a good childhood when you are a teen. That certainly doesn't mean a teenager cannot be a good mother. It just makes it much harder for you is all. Hopefully you will not be a statistic and be able to do well, it sounds at least like you have a good support system. I think people are more concerned with teenagers becoming pregnant on purpose when it is so much better to wait it out and live your life a little to make things easier. But you are already pregant and I'm sure you are well aware of the struggles you will have. But if you are determined enough, you can do it! So congratulations and good luck to you. :)


thinkin - October 12

alot of rich people kids are crack heads n crack whores..lol...Cookie dont worry about it..im sure ur child will succeeed!


CAROL - October 12

Hopefully, Cookie, you read Plato, and have spent countless hours contemplating his transcending words "Know Thyself". I am 14 (almost 15) and trying to conceive my first child. Most people struggle financially with a child, but if you know yourself, get creative, and work hard (and I don't just mean job-wise), you will have success.


goodadvice - October 13

It's not that you shouldnt brung the baby into the world.. It's that you had no business even having s_x and getting yourself in the situation until you were adult enough to provide for your child on your own without social services... you are too young...


to good advise - October 13

I was pregnant at 16, had my daughter 4 months after i turned 17... and we are fine now. We live on our own with her father, which by the way, we are getting married soon. Why don't teens have the right to have s_x and create a child? The only reason I can think of is because it's a sin before your married, so are you saying you don't have the right to have a child until you're married? What if someone didnt get married till they were 40? Your "good advice" is horrible advice. Lots of ADULTS are getting government help right now, too! So don't even start that argument, not all of us can afford to live off of one job. So take your good advice elsewhere. Oh and Cookie, Congrats on the baby!


to "to good advise" - October 13

maybe you should have read the comment a little better, no where did she write that you shouldnt have a baby until you were married. And not everyone is like YOU! MOST teens purposly get pregnant and do live off the gov't. Their baby daddy isnt around and it just makes things harder for both them and their child. Of course if you are already pregnant or do have a child and you are a teen there is nothing you can do but try your best to raise that child into an adult.


ahh ryte - October 15

im sure alot of the older people on here were getting poked at that age...i means its really messed up that some of you were and still are worse than some of us. and just because you are older doesnt really mean that its still wrong, please stop judging teens



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