If Youv E Had An Abortion Please Give Your Input

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Jayce - September 6

Hello everyone. I wanted to invite anyone who has had an experience with an abortion or thought of having one & then backed out (any form of abortion) to please share your experience here.It doesn't have to be a long story with any detail, just tell a little about your experience & how you are doing today. I really think it might help some of the girls out there today who are in the shoes you were once in. Why you chose abortion? What type of abortion? How far along were you? how has it effected you to this day? Would you do it again? Or, if you considered it & changed your mind , why? Please , anyone who is willing to share, please share your experience. Thank you


jae - September 2

i am now 22 years old but when i was 18 i had found out i was pregnant and i wasn't sure who the father was (out of two guys) so i wanted to have an abortion so i wouldn't have to deal with the whole paternity test. i started reading up on abortions and i got scared. then i started reading up on pregnancy and learning about how the baby was forming and all and i started to get excited. i told both of these guys my situation and one of them didn't care he still wanted to be with me and the other one cried cuz he didn't know what to do. so finally i ended up having my baby (who looked just like the dude that cried-his father) and i am so happy i didn't have an abortion.


alis marie - September 2

i had an abortion but not because i wanted to i was only 16 it i was like tricked into having one by my mother i though i was getting a check up and it turned out to be a abortion. Its not c0ol to have abortions is something i have to leave with the rest of my life. NOw iam 18 and i think i pregnant i keeping it if iam but i havent missed wish me luck [email protected]


L - September 2

I have had 2 abortions. One when I was 19, and one about 6 months ago (I'm 24 now). They were both very easy for me. I am very happy with my decisions. I have no regrets, infact, I am so happy that I had them. The first one was with a boyfriend I was with for 4 years total, and the second one was with my current fiance. Yes, we were engaged at the time and still are, but we just weren't ready.


amanda - September 5

anyone who has had a medical abortion please tell me what it was like



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