Ignorant People During Pregnancy

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Jennifer - March 18

I know that there are alota people who are ignorant during pregnancy. Today I was called a fat pig and I just broke down and bawled. Can someone tell me how to deal with it. I mean, I have depression and I've been takin off my meds due to being pregnant but I thought I was doing better until today when I was called that, i ended up flipping out. Does anyone know anything on how to cope with things like that? People calling you fat when you're pregnant. People being ignorant. Ugh, I am so stressed, please help me.


alicia - March 18

all i can suggest is to either ignore it and not let it get to you. or go up to that person and tell them that your pregnant and ask them what their excuse is. like the other day i was pushing my nephew in his stroller in the mall and im clearly pregnant myself and an older lady walked by and said my taxes pay for you to have that child. i showed he the ring on my left hand and simply said actually my husband does. being only 18 i am not married thats the only finger it fits but no one needs to know that. lol just shrug it off they are obviously not smart enough to tell the difference between fat and pregnant


dandy - March 19

WOW i cant beleive someone would actually say that alica, that aweful. When i had my first i was 18 , im 21 now but doctors and various other people would look down on me, just the way they talked to me didnt seem right. I felt like they talked to me like i was stupid. Well i know im a great mom. And i like to think i proved everyone wrong. Not ALL teens are irresponsible. Jennifer, you just have to keep pushin on, dont let those idiotic ignorant people get in your way, just be strong


KM - March 19

For me it was always people my own age I found were ignorant, not so much adults. Ppl at school always asked me if I was pregnant and whispered about it. one kid had the nerve to ask me why I didn't get an abortion?? I was just like "well, why didn't your mother get one with you?" IMO, thats a personal issue, you shouldn't question someone about the choice they made when it comes to such a controversial topic.


Audrey - March 21

I've had friends tell me about strangers who come up to them to touch the pregnant woman's belly. If something like that were to happen to me I would poke them back and ask how they would like it if a stranger came and poked you without permission? I'm sure they'd get the message then. The other thing I can't stand is how everyone seems to become a "pregnancy expert" as soon as they hear someone they know is expecting. It's a matter of educating others to respect you.


Sarah - March 21

Sweetie, chin up! Be proud that you are pregnant, i think thats when a woman is most attractive. Dont you DARE let anyone dictate to you how you should feel! You need to be happy within yourself, or else you will let these taunts get to you. You are going through a life changing expereince that takes a lot of guts and determination! I take my hat off to you! Just b__w those people off!!!!! They are not worth your tears!!


Jaya - March 22

I used to get boys saying stuff whe i was pregnant thinking id be an easy lay for them. it really hurt. but i realise now they are just idiots



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