Ignorant Teeny Boppers

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AL - July 19

I am shocked that girls that are barely considered teenagers are wanting to have children! Why the h__l would someone so young (with not very much life experience themselves) want to raise a child! Do you realize that raising a child is a life of commitment and responsibility. They don't stay cute little babies forever.....thats for sure! You miss out on sooo much by having a child so young. Why not wait untill you're older and wiser and actually have the kind of money it takes to raise a child the right way (trust me, it takes alot of money). Plus, with most teen pregnancies the guy does not stick around once he realizes the resposibilities of raising a child, which leaves you by yourself (unless you place the burden of raising YOUR child on your parents) Ya'll just don't get it, and it seems like other people have told you these same things, yet ya'll are just so ignorant and stubborn you won't listen to anything we say. Raising a child is not easy....you'll see.


kate - July 19

i think i can take care of a babey just fine! if we want to have a child i think we should i am 14 and very edecated and i have money saved up for it my boyfriend would never leave me he says he support me and our baby and if he dont make enuf wel go on welfair i am very responsible for my age!


2 kate - July 19

Kate if you have a child, i feel sorry for it.


Audrey - July 19

Kate- I will grant you that you are willing to be responsible for your actions. However you said yourself that if your boyfriend doesn't make enough money you will have to go on welfare. That sort of thing is just one example of how young people having babies can put more strain on an already-overused system. It takes thousands of dollars to raise a child. Personally I don't consider 14 "very educated". You can tell me how educated you are after you have a college/university degree.


2 kate - July 19

you would have been better off keeping your thoughts to yourself. What kind of a goal is it to raise your child on welfare?



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