Im 13 Adn Need Help

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Lauren - January 8

im 13 and me and my boyfriend were left alone once and we had s_x just to see what it felt like... and now ive missed my period and ive been really nauceos...but we used a condom...if you have any advice please contact me at [email protected]


redsnow - January 9

You're stupid in the first place to have s_x at the age of 13. Go and have your stupid baby. Burden your parents with it for the rest of their lives. And most importantly, ask the state for child support, because taxpayers really would love to hand over their hard earned money to dumb idiots like you and your stupid boyfriend. By the way, is it really important to have a boyfriend at your imbicile age? Having s_x is something adults do, because it can cause complex mature situations to pop pregnancy. Alas, you're just a child now caught in this complex, and very adult situation. Good for you and your parents who allowed you to date. I dont' know who put their trust in you, but you certainly let them down. Have a good life Mr. and Mrs Rabbit.


redsnow - January 9

My god, you can't even get your grammar correct. "im 13 and me and my boyfriend" is supposed to be "I'm 13 and my boyfriend and I"...... go back to school where you belong and learn to close your legs.


redsnow - January 9

You say you were curious about how it would feel. Like it's so freeking important at this stage in your life. I seriously wish you were curious about scientific theories, mathmatical experssions, or just plain english grammar.


Kal - January 9

'redsnow' you obviously never grew up in the real world. Kids everywhere you go experiment with s_x, you must have grown up in a bubble. Talking about being mature? You are obviously not if you have to rant like that at a 13 year old girl. It happens. Get used to it.


Sarah - January 12

Kal- just because things happen, does not mean that it is to be socially acceptable, or that its right. And a 13 year old should not be experimenting with s_x, they dont have the maturity and can not fathom the responsibility the comes along with it. This is the thing you guys forget... s_x is not a game... it makes babies... and if you do not want that result. then be careful, or better yet.. DONT HAVE s_x. Its not hard to be responsible, its actually a hell of a lot easier than the alternative. Hey I wanna know what it feels like to go and kill someone... so do i just pick up a gun and start firing????!?! No. You are just a kid, dont try and grow up to fast... or you will get yourself into a heck of trouble. This is not a game... remember that. You know you are ready to have s_x when you are financially sound to support a child ON YOUR OWN, and accept ALL consequences of actions!!!! Until then, keep your pants on and your legs closed!!!!


Lauren - January 12

thanks Kal for sticking up for me... as far as everyone else im sorry i made a mistake stuff happens... and please stop the remarks about me being really not im a straight-A studnet!!


bekahsmommy20 - January 13

wow everyone calling her stupid must be perfect and never made a mistake. Wish i could be like yall. Unfortantly I'm not Lauren if you are pregnant it's not the end of the world there is always adoption and the choice of keeping your baby. It would be hard but it would also be worth it. I do not belive in abortion but i also do not push my belifes on others so that would be another option open to you. Let me just tell you that I had my daughter at the age of 18 while I was not as young as you are I belive all teenage parents go through a lot of the same things. I am now 20 and in college and I have a full time job it's hard and stressful but my 2 year old angel is the best thing that ever happend to me she is the reason i get up in the morning. If you get child support that has nothing to do with taxpayers childsupport ONLY comes from the father..You can get some help from the goverment..WIC MEDICAID but childsupport dosn't come from anyone but the father. MEDICAID will be something you will have to do your parents insurance more than likely won't cover teenage pregnancy but you don't have to do wic . I recieve no help from any goverment programs except a grant to pay for my school like i said it's hard and stressful but if i didn't have my daughter who knows i might not have had the "need" to go to college and might still be living at home and taking money from my parents....whatever choice you make, make sure it's YOUR CHOICE and that it's one you can live with and be happy with Godbless I will keep you in my prayers


bekahsmommy20 - January 13

by the way s_x at thirteen was a MISTAKE just like me having s_x at 17 was a MISTAKE but if you are pregnant the baby is not a mistake he is a gift from God...i hate to break it everyone to but two people alone do not have the power to create life . God has to help. So remember that and remember God never gives us more than we can handle



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