Im 14 Amp Im Mixed Emotioned

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Kirsty Marie - July 7

Im 14 & i just found out that im pregnant & im full of mixed emotions!Im so relived that i know for sure but i sorta dont know what to do!


Grandpa Viv - July 7

Kirsty, 14 is young enough that you need adult help on this from the get-go. Start dropping hints to your mom - "so tired", "low backache", "weird cramps", "can't figure out why I feel like this". Pretty soon she will cotton on and ask when you had your last period. Your baby needs proper prenatal care and vitamins. AIM ppowb if you want more help. Good luck!


MaMa 2 B - July 7

hmmm well i am 15 and was also relieved when i found is so much easier than stressing about it...but at a young age we need more care because not only do we have someone growing inside us...but we r not even growing make sure like Grandpa Viv said start takin prenatal vitamins and getting prenatal care...and try to take a nap everyday it helped me alot!! and if ur havin morning sickness eat 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones it is a big help....well good luck and if u need anything i have aim yahoo and msn so just let me kno


lilmomma88 - July 7

I agree, 14 is way young, but i'm not here to judge. I lost my virginity when I was 14 as well. You need to tell your parents hun. Prenatal care is SO important in the first trimester!


DorothyL - July 7

ummm... It's all in y0ur hands. Being pregnant isn't that easy. especially when ur n0t legal t0 sign papers and d0c_ments. I mean its g0ing t0 be hard. sch00l w0nt be ur first pri0rity anym0re, but u still need t0 d0 it. g0ing t0 sch00l and being pregnant is hard. Y0u will feel like c___p and pe0ple will judge y0u. Im 18 and I am y0ung t0 have a baby. In 4 years I have changed so much. just make sure y0ur parents have y0ur supp0rt because with0ut them, i have n0 clue what u w0uld do. y0ur n0t legal t0 d0 anything, s0 u need them. s0rry if i scare u, but its reality and i kn0w. I am pregnant right n0w and i m0ved 0ut int0 my 0wn place 2 m0nths ag0, its hard...


dianamarieis17 - July 7

14 you are so young, you should talk to your mom about this and see what she says


MaMa 2 B - July 7

yes i agree u do need ta talk with ur mom it helps have that kinda support


newmommy20072007 - July 10

wow, 14, have you been to the doc yet? it's really really important that you go cause you could be at higher risk for being so young, yes you should tell someone soon so you get the care that you need. and what about the father of the baby? well i hope everything works out for you k, if you ever ever need anyone to talk to here's my email [email protected] i'm 17 and due on 2-16-07


LilMAmi15 - July 12

i think u should tell ur parents and then tell the daddy and his parents.... thats what i would do ....


Kirsty Marie - July 12

The daddy knows,its just the matter of telling my mum.My bf thinks his mum suspects something but im not worried about his mum cause she would be more understanding & she wont go off like my mum will,so really i dont know how to tell her!


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 12

your dad knows?



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