Im 14 And 5 Weeks Pregnant

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Olivia - June 1

im 14 and five weeks pregnant my babys due 1/7/06 6 days after my 15th b-day and 1 after my parents dont know and i wanna keep my baby... i just wanna talk to some one...


Olivia - June 1

also i tried to tell the daddy to the baby that i was pregnant and he didnt belive me. he sed he didnt even c_m and i know for a fact he did and plus he was bragging that he did before i told him i was pregnant.


Lisa - June 1

Its okay, im 16 and 7 weeks..its funny though.. my baby is due jan 21-06, ill be 17 feb 6 06. Yes im scared and more or less terrified. Just email me and we will talk, maybe i can help you, and maybe you can help me... [email protected] ****Lisa*****


Audrey - June 1

Olivia- Your boyfriend is scared too. Many young men spook when they hear that their gf is pregnant and don't want to take the responsibility. Even though it's hard, it's best that you tell your parents so you and your baby can get the care that you need. Start taking pre-natal vitamins that contain at least 0.6 mg folic acid. You'll have to make some hard decisions about what you want to do next. Best wishes!


olivia - June 1

Audrey thanks so much for the info but hes not my boyfriend and thats the problem. im really thinking about telling my parents...but idk i might not...


rae - June 2

olivia, i htink u should tell ur parents as soon as u can muster up the courage. Dont be scared to, because although they may be angry, they will support u through this, and u'll need all the help u can get. You need to go see a doctor too, to get the proper care for ur baby. And as for the guy, well even if he's not ur b/f, he's still the one who got u pregnant. don't worry, he'll come around. good luck!


olivia - June 2

Rea - thanks for the time to tell me going to this thing called Life Choises tomorrow after noon. i hope they can help me w/all this drama and stuff. andi rele hope my parents arent to mad cus one of my cousins had her first baby when she was 15 and ill be that old and i hope their not that mad...i know they will be dissappointed


tay - June 2

olivia it's ok if you are scared everybody be scared at this time. i just graduate from high school a week ago and am 5months you gonna get though this don't wait to long to tell your parents. tell me something


olivia - June 2

tay - im not to scared but then again i am...ive always wanted a baby but i wasnt expectin one this soon. but my best friend that has been my best friend since pre-k says shes gunna be like another mother to the baby. i guess thats her way of sayin that shell be there for me.


Jordan - June 2

I am 16 and pregnant, so if you want to talk you can email me at [email protected] I could probably be asking some questions to.


olivia - June 2

thanks jordan


rae - June 3

olivia , i know it'll be hard to tell ur parents, but they're gonna find out sooner or later, obviously. They may be mad, and they may be dissapointed, but they'll get over it, and theyll support u. You need to show them that you can get through this, i kno 14 is young, but now u have to be older and more mature than u've ever been. I hope i helped a little at leats. Good luck!


rae - June 3



ashley - June 3

olivia i am in the same position i am 3 months pregnant and i have not told my parents the baby's father knows and he left me so don't feel alone.


tay - June 3

olivia why you haven't respond is everything ok what's the deal


emma-rae - June 4

i just had my baby girl on may 31st. im 16. if you ever need to talk or anything at all you can email me at- [email protected] good luck girl.


ellie - June 4

olivia i feel were your coming from im 5 months and i neva told my mum until i was 3 months she kinda picked it up when i started getting fat it was really scary and now i have her support all the way the babys father left me and said i was a joke im only 14 im 15 in a month its a bad feeling i feel your pain just tell your perents as long as they know you will be fine and beable to live life happy best of luck love always



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