Im 14 And He 18 Plz Help

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doesnt matter - January 28

im pregnant at 14 and my bf is 18 will he go to jail for that


SHANA - January 31



katie - January 31

im sorry chic but i think its more than likely he will b locked only 14 and my bf is 16 so he cud also b locked up to.


lilli - January 31

say u dont know who the father is


Paige - February 7

Hi! If u want someone to talk to e-mail me at [email protected] i would love to help with what ever i can. i am here to talk.


Natural - February 7

If the guy is eighteen and up it is considered rape. Every state is different though. I'm from Ny and I was in the same situation as you. It all depends on whether or not your parents press charges. [email protected]


some1 - February 8

jus dont tell your parents how old he is.....or if you tell them...make them promise not to press charges....just tell them you love him and they cant do anythign about thats


chyna - February 18

im kindda in the same situation your in except im 15 and he is 22 and im a couple of weeks pregnant. Dont say u dont know who the father is cause that make u sound like u was sleeping around with everybody. Just lie to your parents about his age and explain to your babydaddy y u have to lie. Dont worry he not gone get locked up Good luck, [email protected]


To doesn't matter and Joe - February 21

I think the father should go to jail and the key throwed away. Getting minors knocked up is no laughing matter. If you don't go to jail, I hope you get saddled with child support. If you can't stay away from minors, keep it in your pants.


Jamie - February 22

hey im 16 and Im pregnant the dad is 23 yes he can go to jail. My boyfriend has been going to court for it. It all depends on if your parents are supportive thats a big plus and if you keep it on the down low the DA may never get ahold of it . If they dont when it comes time to have your baby his name cant be on the birth certificate because they check on teenage pregnancy really close . good luck


Rikki - February 25

im in the same situation.... im 15 my boyfriend is 23 turning 24 and my parents think he is turning 19 this year,when i told them he was 17(2years ago) they tried to make us break ima bit worried about telling my parents coz if they wanna tell tha cops he will be charged as statutory rape because im under 18 but im not to sure if its ok when i turn 16......but good luck!!!!!


Brittany - March 1

I don't think it matters. When i lost my virginity it was to an 18 yr old and i was 14. That was my first pregnancy. I lost it. Mine wasn't meant to be but you should keep hope.


Tabitha aka Tee - March 9

honna yes dat boi is goin to jail for about 10 to 15 or more and or if your parents press charges


toya - March 9

If your pregnant just tell them u knew what u was doing or that u wanted a baby by him.


Ashley - March 14

naw just explain to ur parents ur in love (if you are) then let them know ur baby needs a dad so they cant press charges that be bogus if they would let your baby have its daddy


becca - March 14

yea actually if he's 18 that's considered rape... and yea but if you love him that much just umm yea do wat you want


Jalissa - March 14




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