Im 14 And Im Scared

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J - March 8

Hey im 14 and i missed my period about a week ago. I'm really scared that im pregnant. I was raped about two weeks ago but im afraid to go to anyone for help because i'm scared that no one will believe me. I'm also scared because the guy that did it keeps calling my house and telling me that if i tell anyone about it that he will kill me. Please give me some advice.


Grandpa Viv - March 8

S_x just one week before your period is not in your fertile window, so it is just as likely that your period has been scared into the middle of next month. Check the Am I Pregnant link at the left to see if you have any of the common early signs, which start before your period is due. This guy is a menace. To protect other women you need to turn him in. Mail [email protected] if you need help.


<Amy> - March 9

I don't mean to panic you, but you should really take a test. I'm pregnant and concieved a week before i was due on my period. It's not the same for everyone, everyone's different but it's worht doing anyway.


vanessa - March 9

Whether you are pregnant or not - you need to file a police report. He's trying to scare you out of telling anyone by calling and making threats... you are doing exactly what he wants. I know it's scary and you are confused but I really hope there is an adult you can talk to about all of this. Think of all the other women that will benefit from this sc_m-bag being off the street. Try to be strong and know that you have many options for getting the help you need. There are Hot Lines and counceling centers for just this issue. Please look into some in your area. Best of luck to you ~


jeri - March 9

you shoul really check and c just in case. Be calm and if this person is really gettin to you maybe you shoul tell some one GOOD LUCK GIRL AND YOUR NOT ALONE


katie - March 9

im sorry to hear bout tht but to b honest u sud really take a test and also tell someone wats has happened.i no it wont b easy for u but u really luck for watever happens :-)


Tabitha aka Tee - March 9

hey grl well u realli need to tell someone if that did happen and if you need to tlk my email is [email protected]



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