IM 15 And Got 3 Kids I Wanna Give Advice To Teen Mommies

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Mya Limp - March 10

Alright . i kno its hard to be a teen AND be pregnant. I was pregnant when i was eleven i had twins Zyon and Zyairah and then about less then a year ago i had my daughter. Moriah. I kno its hard i had to walk every where in shame cuz i felt like i deserved to be punished. I couldn't have an abortion cuz i waited to late to tell any one. Lus i believed i knew how to take care of children. When my twins were born my whole world changed. I had hard times and good times btu mostly hard time. then when i got pregnant agian it was juss getting harder. I felt like my life was going down....but now that im independent i know how to take care of myself. If yuor pregnant don't be afraid to hold your head up high. It might not have been a smart choice to get pregnant but now that u are don't look as it as a death Warrant. think positive. The only thing that kept me alive thru my 4 years was my kids. They motivated me in many ways with out them knowing. but i juss wanna say keep going on and doing wat u do hope everyhting turns out good


LiAnNe - March 10

oh my god! fair play to you. that must of been very hard for you and quite a strain on you. but i bet it was all worth it in the end, to see all your kids, i know its a bit young but i admire you for havin 3 kids, i know i cud never do that. good luck xxxxx


jordan - March 10

thats really inspriational. Good for you, KEEP TRUCKIN!!! thats awesome! when r u due? What r your other childrens names?


Mya Limp - March 13

well my kids names are Zyon and Zyairah. (they are twins) ones a boy and ones a girl. they are just about to be four in June. and i have my new born daugther Moriah shes 7 months old shes going to be one in July


get a life little girl - March 13

get a life little girl


Mya Limp - March 14

y i gotta be a lil gurl.... yea I might be young yea but im not little at all...all that i been thru made me a stronger person...i kno my mistakes (BOTH TIMES) and im still learnign from them....i think u need to think beofre u judge people. becuase i personaly don't like being called a lil gurl. spacilyl how hard i work for my kids. I'm indepdent so please....


Nicole - March 14

Just because your young and have children already, you should never feel that way...Things happen in life for a reason. Like you said hold your head up high and dont even think for a second what others think, it really does not matter, as long as you are getting on with your life...Take care, and good luck Nicole


jeff - March 17

to mya limp: how can u say ur independent? no 15 yr old can take care of 3 kids by themself.


Nichole - April 13

Mya....I wanna get pregnant but me and my boyfriend try everything and nothin works should we just keep trying?


kelly11/?/05 - April 14

girl i feel for you!!! hope things are going good for you and your childern!


take this advice! - April 14

Here's some advice:USE BIRTH CONTROL OR CONDOMS MAYBE BOTH!!!!!!! I am tired of using my tax dollars to pay for everyone elses mistakes. You are supposed to learn from them and not make the same mistake again! Where are your parents? I sure was not thinking about having s_x at 11. Whats wrong with this world?


becca - April 15

you wanna know what wrong dahlin whats wrong is U and even if there wasnt a single teen mum in the world you would still be getting texed you no so why not have your tax dollers go to somebody who needs them and is less forunate then u how old are u i hope you not an adult because i would expect more from an adult perhaps a bit more mature or is that to much 2 ask these days



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