Im 15 And I Think Im Pregant Plz Help

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LilMAmi15 - July 12

im 15 years old i had unpretected s_x with my bf many times but never got pregant . then on june 24 we took a vaction and we had s_x like 12 times some unpertected but some not he pulled out a couple times and asked 4 a comdum other times he didnt ?? i havent got my period since then !!! and its july 12 . whats the chances of me being pregant ????


not-falling - July 12

to tell you what the chances of you being pregnant are i need a little more information... when was the FIRST day of your last period?


LilMAmi15 - July 12

my last period was the jun 21! and i havent had it since


young_mum_2_b - July 12

ok...i think...not 100% sure but u would have ovulated around the 7th of if u had s_x around that time there's definately a 'chance' you could be pregnant but would mean ur still not yet due for your next period for a about another week and a i'd say wait to see if u get your period, if you dont take a test and in the meantime i suggest using protection..but good luck anyway :D


newmommy20072007 - July 12

hi! well, you should be using birth control and condoms cause you are very young. you don't want to ruin your life so soon k. please be careful and be responsible about s_x, if you don't want your parents to know then go to plan parenthood, you don't need a parent there ok, well best of luck and keep us posted! and practice SAFE s_x!!!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - July 12

On a 28 day cycle you are not due until Jul 19. S_x during the long July 4th weekend would have been prime time. About now is when you might start to feel "different". If your period is late or light, take a home test first pee Sunday Jul23. Good luck!


tealtater - July 16

hm... sounds kinda like me and my boyfriend.... but i've already taken a test and it said positive and im gonna try to tell my mom tomorrow.... good luck with yours.


LilMAmi15 - July 18

Its july 18 and i havent had a single sign of my period and i started to get a brown line going down from my belly b___ton to my pelvic bone ..... why is this


Emma2 - July 18

Take a test!!! I mean what else can we do for you?


tealtater - July 18

yeah, only thing you can do is take a test....



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