Im 15 And I Think Im Pregnant

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steph - January 24

hi. my boyfriend and i, we haven't had s_x but we've had dry s_x. and i read all about the pre-c_m issue. well at one point, his pants came undone, which left his p__s, his boxers, and my jeans, my underwear, and my va___a. he swears his p__s didn't touch me when his boxers were showing. but i'm really paranoid. any chances i'm pregnant? IM me at hurtmelovelyx on AIM please! im so scared.


Sarahkaye - January 25

I think the chances of you being pregnant are very small but there still is a possibility. I think the best thing would be to wait until you are due for your period and see if it is late or lighter then normal. The more you panic now the more it could hold off your period from arriving so try and relax.


b - January 25

relax...the way you described it sounded like your pants weren't even off! his stuff needs to have some kind of contact with your v____a to even have a slight chance of you getting pregnant... but if you really think you are ..wait till you miss your period and take a home pregnancy test. it will all be ok. and dont worry even if your period is a little late..because you said yourself you're you stressing might cause it to be weird. anyways...relax and good luck.


tara - January 25

You should not worry about it. If you had your jeans & panties on any prec_m sperm would have had a very tough time getting through. Relax for now, and wait for your period; but b is right...if it's a little late don't stress too much. Periods can be late if you are stressed out.


steph - January 25

thank you so much! are you sure though? how do you knowwww this information? i've relaxed a bit. i'm a paranoid person. so i freak out a lot and ya know...


steph - January 26

how do you guys know this. like how do i know this reliable.........where'd you find out all this knowledge.. i've relaxed a bit but still nervous a little.... i mean... i know that if i do get pregnant, i'll have to have an abortion. i'm 15.. my parents would kill me. but is pregnancy secret? like can your doctor say it's something else and actually perform the abortion..?



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