Im 15 And Pregnant Please Help

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molo2003 - October 30

I'm scared I'm 15 and I found out I am pregnant about two hours ago before you all call me a slag I was raped by the boy I thought I loved I am about four months gone. And I haven't gained much weight. 6lbs or maybe 7lbs and a week ago I was sick and have been again a few times today I missed my period last month but I'm not regular any way I missed it again this month so today my friend told me to take a test I did tho I thought she was jokin it was positive I don't want a baby I'm scared and I can't talk to my dad about it and I don't know my mum please help me I need some advice ny friend said I'm too far to have an abortion please help I'm really scared my dad wil kick me out if or when I tell him I am so so scared this was never planned I don't know. What to do I'm so scared I have no one to talk to or get help from


Grandpa Viv - October 30

HUGS, molo! I'm wondering if you are as far along as you think. Have you had s_xual exposure more recently than the rape incident? If you missed a period Oct 24 and Sep 26, then s_x Sep 12th would more likely be responsible. Nausea is at its worst weeks 7 thru 12. Your dad won't kick you out. He might kick himself for not watching out for you better. I strongly advise you to take him into your confidence, the sooner the better. Come back and tell us how it goes. Good luck!


Bethany111 - January 3

i am 13 years old and 21 weeks pregnant , i got raped 2, and got kicked out,, and now live with my friend its so hard , your not alone xx i think you can have an abortion upto 5months pregnant,,, speak 2 a doctor asap xx


JC3 - February 13

I am so sorry you have to deal with this...However adoption is an option...My husband & I adopted our son last Feb. & would LOVE to adopt again...If you would like to chat or are considering that option, I am at jadecoleman42 at yahoo dot com


searching - February 20

Life is a miracle. You must have heard it before. It is true. Adoption? Adoption! just think about it for a moment, research it a bit, see if you feel peacefull with that idea. I am waiting for that miracle to enter into my life. If you consider adoption for your child and want to know more about us, please email me at janapalenik at yahoo dot com. God bless you and your child.


Paulaand SimonAdopt - March 29

Hugs, hugs! I am so sorry you have to go through this. Please don't choose abortion, most people that do, regret it later on. Talk to your family, or be close to the people that love you and support you no matter what. Talk to them to make sure you make the right decision.



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