Im 15 And Wus Raped But Now Am I Pregnant Sorry Its Long Pleaz Read

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jacqueline - August 2

about three n half weeks ago i was raped by 6 guys i wus high and drunk and they took advantage of me i can only remember one of the 7 haven s_xual intercourse wit me. the hospital did a physical examination and found that there wus seeman in me they gave me the morning after pill but told me not to take it for a couple days cuz i may not hold it down. they told me that i will bleed for a couple days since thats wut happens afta u get raped that next day i started to bleed just for about 3 days. about 1 week lata my br___t started to be sore and my lower stomach started to ache near tha pelvic region ive been gettin slight hadaches latly and hearin weird noises in my stomach and been a little quezy in tha mornin. my quest. is do u think im preq. wus that my period or the after bleedin of the rape. sorry that this wus long but i just cant stop thinken bout this and i needed to ask someone so pleaz respond.--jacqs


mmmmmmmm - July 31

u probs r pregnant but dnt worry coz it werent ur fault evri1 will understand!!


brucen - July 31

No, you are probably not pregnant! The purpose of emergency contraception is to prevent pregnancy. As long as you took the pills as directed and did not throw them up, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant. About the bleeding I do not know. You could talk anonymously (if you prefer) to a rape counselor, who may be more help. Here's the number to the National S_xual a__sault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). Press 1 to speak to a counselor. They are available 24 hours a day. You can also visit their website:


Cat luva - August 1

I don't no if ur pregnant. But i jst wanna say best of luck xx xxx x


shorty - August 2

Babe, what you went thru was a huge stress on your body!!! I would see how you go and any probs go straigh to the docs. I am really sorry that this happened to you. If you want... take a pregnancy test and see what happens, but it is very likley your body is in shock and will take a while to adjust back into its normal cycle. Good Luck babe.. Mwah!



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