Im 15 I Need Help

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Ashley - November 7

hey im 15 and 6 months pregnant and i want to keep it i just dont know what to do about school,and if i go to school where will my baby go wail im at school? help me please


Kareena - November 7

Oh my god. Are you sure you are pregnant? Ok I'll start over. You can do home school, and teachers will give you work and come to your house to get it? Is your family aware that you are pregnant are they trying to help? Let me know!!!


KM - November 7

STAY in school. I know many ppl who keep going to school while pregnant and even after they have the baby, myself included. Get as much help and support you can from friends family anyone. In many places free daycare is provided for students.Call around at local pregnancy ressources such as public health, planned parent hood etc, for info.


ashley - November 7

yes im sure i went to the doctor and all, and my mom and knows and the father. i just am not sure about school.


ashley - November 7

do i tell the school that i have a baby and they help me or what


kareena - November 7

Yes just tell you school nurse. Any tell her that you are pregnant and she should let you know about home school If she don't you let her know that when you concieve your baby you want to recieve home schooling, it is free. home school allows you to stay home with your baby until he/she is old enough to go to day care or stay home with your mom. I want you to emai l me: [email protected]


Yazmin - November 8

I live in Newcastle England, and i'm studying for my GCSE's at a school for teenage mothers, the support is so great you can take the children their so at break you can go feed them ect.


tia - November 10

you should keep yuor baby youll find a way to survive


tasha - November 11

hey im 15 also n im 2 months pregnant gurl just work and save up your money n pay for a babysitter or look towards your fammily n friends or your bf if u have one ya know?


kim - November 22

where do young girls that get pregnant live if they get kick otu their house



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