Im 15 Im So Scared If The Things Im Suffering Is Pregnancy

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worried teen - October 18

i had my period at the begining of the month bt i had s_x and the condom split but my boyfriend hadnt c_md but it was the second time we had s_x in the same night and he had comed the 1st time but the second we noticed the condom had split before he i didnt think anything of it.this was on friday but then on monday morning i started what i thought was my period but i thought it was odd because i had already had my period.and then at lunch time on monday i had really really bad cramps+i felt so dizzy.i thought it was just cos i was on my period but i have never ever suffered from period cramps before.then i was sick at lunch and went really dizzy and my hearing went and i felt really faint.then i went into the medical room in school and lay down and still had the really bad cramps and was still bleeding.suddenly after an hour the cramps stopped but i still had the bleeding.i came home and later that night i kept feeling dizzy and is now tues and i keep feeling sick and really dizzy.i just need someone to help me because my boyfriend doesnt know anything and im too scared to tell anyone else.should i go to the doctor?i cant tell my mum cos she doesnt even know i have a boyfriend and she works with teen pregnancy and i know she would be dispointed and i havn't got the guts to talk to my friend...please help...anyone? im just worried that the sperm from when he first came was still on his p__s and pushed through when the condom split..


Grandpa Viv - October 18

Your concern is well placed. Sperm from the first time could have gotten in the second time. If your period began Oct 1st you would have been close to ovulation last Friday. What is puzzling is that from Friday evening to Monday morning is not long enough for you to be feeling any effects from pregnancy. Could something have happened a few days earlier. There is little you can do now but wait until Sat Nov 5th first am pee to take a home test. Good luck!


carol - October 18

I am not sure I follow you, I am trying to give you advice, but I don't follow.



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