Im 16 And Been Trying

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Court - January 13

I have been trying for 4 months to get pregnant and nothing yet. I do not use birthcontrol or condoms so what am I doing wrong. Please help me out!


maren - January 13

well i dont necisarily agree with you trying to get pregnant at 16..but it takes lots of women several months or ears to get pregnant its not something that happens overnight. my first question is does your boyfriend want this as well. Do you have health insurance that will help pay for medical expences. Do you and him have a job to pay for the rest of hospital expences as well as living costs for the baby. Once the baby is born you wont have a social life with your friends because you time will be devoted to the baby. Have you spent any time reserching any of the cost and responsibilities needed to raise a child?


Kristina - January 13

Don't you think you should finish school first??


sarah - January 13

I agree. Finish school first and then try to get pregnant.


Lots of Love - January 13

Court, im in the same situation. im 16 and i live with my b/f and we want a baby. (no judgeing please) go to , its been really helpful for me...Go there and check it out....but also, think about ur life before u get pregnat, bc once u are, u cant go back and undo it..the baby will there forever. good luck, lots of love


mandy - January 13

There is no possible way you can be ready to have a baby at 16!!! I got pregnant with my son was 17 and wasn't even near ready to have a child!!! Do realize it means no drinking, no smoking, no partying for at least 9 months and all your friends ditch you(yes they will no matter what you think now), school is hell to make it through between being so exhausted and throwing up!!! Plus it mean no Prom no Homecoming, and if the daddy decides I don't want to be in the picture anmore can you support the baby all on your own??? Trust me he might be like I love you and will never leave you but add a newborn to the mix and it's I am going to get some diapers and you'll never see him again!!!


Baby - January 15

Ok I am not even going to pretend I agree with you.You are a sixteen year old child what makes you think that you can raise a baby,you shoulld go to counsling NOY BEING MEAN but ushally when such a young girl wants to get pregnant it is because tthey have some kind of issue like you need ing someone to depend on you or love you uncondistionally or yyou lack self esteem . please reconsider for yourself and the child Get a baby sitting job or something . I am telling you from exspirence . I was 17 when I got pregnant and had pre-term labor and lost the baby...I would give anything to get that baby back but looking back i am now 222 i was ina abusive relationship and didnt even finish high school there is no way i would have been able to give that baby the best life possible. It is five years later and i am in my last sem of college and am pregnant again ,this time with a great guy who is suportive and make enough money to support all of us without me even needing a job and I still Dont feel like I am ready! But I am 22 and have my education and can do this and give this baby a good life think about this sweat heart you will be in my prayers


Noelle - January 15

I'm 18, and my baby has to go up for adoption. Just to hear that an idiot 16 year old is actually TRYING to get knocked up is a b__w to the mind. Even if you and your boyfriend are financially indipendant enough to handle a child right now, you as a person can't possibly be able to handle the mental responsibility. All your going to end up doing is create a very sad life for a child who didn't ask to be born in the first place.


... - January 15

i just read this and i read a comment from mandy and i'm sorry but your true friends will not ditch u.. my frined just had a baby and me her other close friend have never seend more of her.. we go to movies and hang out just like we always did.


seven - January 15

court. alot of people r going to put u down but i am in the same situation. if u wanna talk my msn is [email protected] if u dont have msn just e-mail me. good luck


please and thank you - January 15

To Nolele, you should, next time, re-word the sayings that you say. I understand that you are a bit upset, knowing that at a young age, someone would try and concieve a baby, but what you just explained, does not go for every 16 year old girl. I am, 16, and i am very mature. I am, actually, more mature then any "older" woman out there that i know. So next time, reword your words. Thankx


MommyDear - January 15

This is Noelle, and I am also more mature than most older women out there. I have been for 6 years and I'm sure you know its no fun. I have a right to be angry at someone like you, who is seriously considering something so extreme just to feel wanted. I know exactly where the feeling come from, and am pregnant right now so I know just a little more than you. Mental stability means nothing the minuet you conceive. Everything turns upside down and things you hadn't even considered become more real than you could have ever wished. I may have a harsh demeanor, but take my words more seriously than a knocked-up teenager if you will, because alot of them could save you and any child you conceive a very hard life. Just wait, motherhood is based on patience, so try practicing now, by waiting to be a mother.


Mommy-to-be - January 15

Hey court! I am 17 and having a baby in 3 days by induction... I got pregnant when I was 16 and let me tell you that it is hard. But the choice is still up to you. Just make sure that you can take care of the baby, and love him/her with all your heart. Your life will never be about you EVER again, lol! Let me tell you! It'll be hard but make sure that you'll have some help, because being all alone will be hard! Good Luck!


mandy - January 15

Okay this is to ..... there is no way in hell to take a baby to the movies...which means your friend leaves her baby with other people!!! Hello how the hell is that good mom ditching her kid to go out to the movies??? If your friend truly took care of her kid there'd be no time to go out and do things with friends!!! And anybody that says otherwise is a d__n liar, my son's 8 months and it's still hard to get time to get a shower without him needing soemthing!!!


jg - January 16

Go to school, act your age (you're a kid), go to the movies, go shopping at the mall, do your friends hair, watch some teen videos, giggle about boys, write notes to your friends in school, dance to your favourite music, enjoy a life of basically no adult responsibility. Your time for parenthood will come, hopefully after adulthood. You don't even know the person that you will be and what you are capable of, let alone what kind of a mother you will be. Enjoy life kiddo. There's plenty of time for responsibility later.


bethany - January 16

LOL im 16 and pregnant. why are you trying to start so early girl. its really not fun. the results are a baby. you will be fully responsible for a little life. and dont tell me I KNOW because you really dont know. im in my 8th month and its just starting to hit me ! so really girl, think things through. dont try to get pregnant for the wrong reasons. like so that a boy will stay with you, or because he is forcing you to. a boy will not stay with you just because youre havin his child BELIEVE THAT. also, if you think having a child will make u happy, because you cant find happiness yourself, your dead wrong. you will still be unhappy. and you will keep getting pregnant in order to stay happy. thats nonsense. but yeah please you should think things through before you make a decision like that for real girl.


blaze - January 17

hon i been haveing my b4 c_m in be a few time and and well we kinda tryed for like 5 to 6 mouth now off and on but in grealy we ahve s_x like 4 to 10 time a week man that alot some time he c_ms in my other he dosn't and i mgiht b this time but don't think so like i got a bump but like that it and so i really don't think never give up man i havn't



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