Im 16 And I Needed A Mature Answer About A Serious Question

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Tiffany - March 27

Hey Im 16 And My last period was on the 12th of march but i have been having s_x with my boyfriend for bout 4 weeks w/ out a condom and im afraid i might be pregnant could i tell this early? thanks


becca - March 27

yes you could take a pregnancy test


Kay - March 27

You cuold be pregnant if he came in you.. Take a pregnancy test but do it in the morning its always the best time and you will get a much clearer result. Sometimes you wont be able to find out by a home test until 3months - its a bugger . but not everyone does , try a test if that doesnt work then wait until you miss a period or wait a few weeks and do another. if all is still on your mind simply go to the docter all is confidential so no one will find out.. Good luck


Lo - March 27

well i've been using the first responce early result... would that be able to read before 3 months?


Kay - March 27

yes most pregnancy test work before 3 months it was just for some people home pregnancy test dont show up until the 3rd month.This just varies from different people. If you do a test and it comes back negitive just go to the docter they will have a more reliable test ( blood test) Use first response first thing in the morning :)


crystal 15 an im mom - March 31

yes tomorrow you will be 3weeks go to doctor


katie - March 31

ur most likely pregnant...go and c ur doctor


Baby - March 31

Yes. I am 17yrs old and pregnant and i was only 2 days late when i went and took an at home pregnancy test. Most test can detect the preganancy hormone 5 days BEFORE your missed period. You need to go to the store and get a test and if it is positive you need to go to the doctor. You can e-mail me with any questions. [email protected]


Not telling - March 31

Why are you having s_x with out a condom? do you want a baby? Don't say "NO" cuz you obviosly do!


Grandpa Viv - March 31

You would have ovulated around the 26th with implantation no sooner than April 1st. Next week you may experience some early signs (check the Am I Pregnant link to the left). Don't waste money on home tests until you are a week late for your period. [email protected]


kerri(england) - March 31

your best bet is to do a pregnacy test, i know its hard but itll put your mind at rest. also try to get the morning after pill if you can if you dont want to be pregnant, even thougn you have had s_x for 4 weeks the pill can work up to 72 hours after conception its worth a try.


Cindy - April 1

You *might* be able to get a + PG by now. MAYBE. I suggest you tell your partner to put a condom on AND you get on BCP. GL!


kel - April 2

hey girl. one thing my mom always said to me was "if your going to have s_x make sure the guy uses a condom" why wasnt he? seriously go on birth control and tell him to use a condom, if your not pregnant. go get a test and if it reads positive go to a doctor, i know its not easy telling your parents but its for the sake of your health and the baby. good luck!


ca__sy - April 2

i wont be too sure yet .wait till ur cycle date comes and if u dont start it take a pregnancy test im only 16 and i just found out im pregnant it will be ok



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