IM 16 And Im Not Sure If Im Pg

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Brandy - June 29

im a month late and i have had s_x i have been sick throwing up and i have had cramps like im about to start and im constantly haveing to go to the bathroom. if i am pregnant is there a way that i can get my own place and move in with the babys daddy, we both wanted to have a baby and well i dont want my mom to know ( some people wernt ment to be parents) my mom is the kind of person who will do anything for some money like use her children. WEll any advice


No NAME - June 22

have you been haveing s_x without condoms?


Brandy - June 22



Shelly - June 22

Have you taken a pregnancy test? Can the father support you and the baby? It's not that easy to make enough money pay for rent, food and medical care. Think this over very carefully. It would be a good idea to see a councelor.


Shelly - June 22

There is no one here that can tell you if you're pregnant or not. You do have pregnancy symptoms. Go right away to a clinic or Planned Parenthood to be tested. It's the only way to know for sure. If you are, you need to start prenatal care and take prenatal vitamins now. As for a place to live, maybe you could stay with your boyfriends parents until you save up enough money to get a place. You can also work out something wiht your school so you can graduate too. Is your boyfriend planning to go to college? Most colleges have housing for married students. Good luck.


jesse - June 23

dam! you started your period early!


stace - June 29

i had s_x wiv my boyfriend on the 3rd of june! and i come on my period about a week and a half later! but i am only 14 and my mom and i was talking about it and she said that even though i have been on i could still be pregnant i have been sick and that but i put that down to a stomach bug that was going around! I am really tired lately but i have been doing double the amount of sports that i usually do so that makes me tired anyway! can u please help me because i dont want a baby at this age and i no i shouldnt have done it but it was a drunken mistake! please please please help!!!


Shelly - June 29

Stace, It sounds like you can get all the help you need from your mom. It's good to hear someone say that they talk about this stuff with their mom. Wait and see what happens when your next period is due. Good Luck, and keep talking to your mom.



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