Im 16 And Kinda Scared

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sweet sixteen - November 10

i havent had va___al intercourse yet but i have had oral s_x. i didnt get my period this month and im always tired, i pee a lot, ive gained like 5 pounds, im eating more, and my stomach hurts randomly throughout the day REALLY REALLY bad. im scared that im one of those freak accidents when the sperm went inside even tho the p__s i just being paranoid?


Jbear - November 10

Stress can cause your period to be late. You can't get pregnant from oral s_x, but if your boyfriend ejaculated on your v____a, or even rubbed his p___s against it, there's a slight, slight chance that you could be pregnant. Most women don't gain any weight the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, or have an increased appet_te that early. Really bad stomach pain sounds like stress. Have you taken a pregnancy test? It doesn't sound like you are pregnant, but sometimes if you think you are, and you take a test, when you see the negative result your period will start soon afterwards (just one of the stranger things in life).


padora - November 10

you cannot get pregnant form having oral s_x. not even a chance.


ADULT - November 10

From oral s_x you can not conceive But as padora says sperm swim, I know. So if the sticky stuff has been near your v____a there is a chance that you are pregnant. Take a test, and than explain to your bf the next he wears a hat, if he drops his knickers. Period, if he loves you or at least values you he will agree. ADULT and been there


T - November 10

It sounds like your worrying about being pregnant which is why youve missed your period. I dont think your pregnant but as JBear has said, there is a very VERY slim chance if the sperm came into contact with your v____a. Personally I think your worrying and the stress has delayed your period. But do a test if it will rea__sure you. Good luck. :o)


Cynthia - November 11

Don't even stress there is no posible way you can get pregnant by oral s_x it's just impossible all those things are in your head.


lil_fly_angle1712 - November 17

to be honest with you i dont think its anything to worry about! if you havent had no kind of s_xual intercourse then how could you be pregnant? unless his p**** was somewhere close to your v****** then you'd have to worry. well i hope for the best and good luck to you!


justbecool - November 19

Well I think you are kinda over reacting but trust me i have been there before! And I started freaking out my fiance too, so yeah you don't want to get him worried so yeah, Just come down, you are being a little bit paranoid but I see where you are coming from though.



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