Im 17 And 7 Months Pregnant If You Need To Talk Read This Asap

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dymond - September 11

im 17 and pregnant with my first baby. ive gone through telling your parents and dealing with an unplanned pregnancy with the father not around.i would love to give as much help as i can to anyone who needs it. please dont hesitate to write me my email is [email protected] or talk to me on AIM my screenname is kindledfaith999. please dont keep this in too long, find some one to talk to before things take a turn for the worst.


christina - June 27

hey! yeah i know how you feel because i'm the same age and 7 months pregnant. the guy i was with was all good at first but then once i told him i was pregnant things started to change for the worse. when i first told him he said he was gonna be there for our baby and take care of it, but he doesnt want to tell his mom because then she wouldnt pay for him to go to college! well when his friends found out he started to deny everything!! now when i call him he doesnt even answer his phone. my mom has called and left messages on his moms phone but she doesnt return them because we think he erases them. what do you think we should do? well im glad i found someone to talk to about things like this. hope to hear from you soon.


dymond - June 27

well, our stories are alomst the exact same-except for the fact that we told his mom b4 my parents. she was more understanding at first then my parents were that was until i decided to keep my baby- then she said she wanted a dna test done, then they both said it would have been best to abort the pregnancy and left. im not sure how to get the chance to talk to his mom. you may just have to have you and your mom make a surprise stop at his house....thats the only way you will get to her with out him interfering if he is indeed erasing your messages. do you know if his mom had a cell phone or anyone that talks to her that you could get her number from? work number-anything? email me, let me know...


heather - July 14

hi i'm 7 months pregnant and i'm also 17 and i don't also have the fatheraround if you want to talk my email is [email protected]


Priscilla - July 14

I was in all your shoes back in 1990,I was in love with my friend and we would have s_x, He did not love me, but I got pg, We never communicated during the pregnancy, he left for South Dakota and I stayed behind in Texas to have my daughter, luckily even though I did not tell my parents I was pg till 8 1/2 months they were very supportive. Things were horrible for several years, he came back saw daughter and fell in love, I guess he figured he had to love me or try to be with daughter, we married 5 years later, things were great for 2 years and then I found out he was cheating, We divorced,I was 26 at the time and a month later I found my current husband. Ex husband still my friend now, our daughter is 13 and I am expecting a boy in Sept, his wife had baby 3 weeks ago. It has been hard, I loved him with all my heart, he will always be a part of my life and I know I could not have everything I have at 31 if I had not gone thru HELL back when I was 17 yrs old and a stupid girl.


scared14 - July 19

i am 14 and i have had unprotected s_x about 17 times i might be pregnant but how do i tell my parents


DYMOND - July 20

to scared14- i know it can be nerve racking when it comes to telling your parents but things more then likely wont take it as bad as your thinking. i was terrifed they would kick me out but they were really upset becuz i didnt come to them right away. they were upset but they realized that things happen and the only thing to do is except it. now they are just as excited as i am about having a baby. they are very supportive and to be honest, i think i will have to schedule time with my own baby girl due to how excited mom is. things will be okay, you have to be strong. and please dont put off telling them, if you are pregnant you will need to start prenatal care asap to keep you and your baby healthy. wish you the best of luck and if you need to talk, email me at [email protected]


kayla - September 9

what where some of ur signs.. Wht made u believe u was pregent..


dymond - September 11

well, my baby girl was born 5 weeks early~!! but to answer your question- i had a large change in appit_te, sore b___sts- i however didnt find out i was preg till i was 4.5 months due to me having my period while i was preg-which i very possible. other girls get morning sickness-need to throw up constantly or just the feeling that you want to, feeling tired all the time. every girls gets different signs but most get on or the other or all. if you need to talk furthermore feel free to write me at [email protected]


Brianna - September 11

Hey Dymond, Well I'm 16 and 4 months pregnant. I just wanted to know what were your first signs and symptoms like? See the thing is I haven't even tooken a pregnancy test yet, well I have about 4 like the last one was about almost 3 weeks ago but it was negative. I have always know since like 2 weeks after me and my bf had s_x that I was pregnant. My body just kept acting weird. I now know for sure because my stomach is just starting to kinda pop should I say and getting firmer by the day. It's not rock hard but it is a lot harder than usual. I'm overweight and when I would bounce or hop my belly would jiggle a lot but now it stays and hardly moves. I think the only time it tends to look different is when I sit down and u can kinda see my fat still but definiatley not like b4. My question is how early did u start showing and when did ur stomach get hard? I'm so curious. This is my first and no one knows besides my bf who is totally happy and excited. He's 18 and wanted this baby since i was like 14! Crazy I know but truely a blessing! I would love to hear from you and ur story as to when u got pregnant, tests, symptoms and all the other good stuff. I;m sorry for writng so much but i hope you respond soon! God Bless You and Your baby!!!!!!!!!! Brianna


hmmm... - September 20

I am attending a very small school in a very small town. A lot of girls in my school are getting pregnant, and when I see the babies, i kinda want one. Everyone i have talked to says that it's a bad idea, but i still want one. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I don't even have a boyfriend. Quite frankly, I don't want a guy who doesn't want a baby...there are other ways to get pregnant. Besides, I was raised by my mom, and she did an excellent job. I dunno, maybe I only want one because I have nothing else right now. Will somebody please help me out?!?!??!?!?


brucen - September 20

HMMM: Maybe you should talk to your mom about her experiences being a single mom or some of the teenage moms.


nix - September 25

i am f***ed :( if any 1 has msn cantact me an [email protected]


Rebecca Quinn - September 26

im 7months pregnant and having problems with my baby and other things going on at the same time so im having a tough time to


dymond - September 29

if you need to talk, write me at my email. i wrote it in a response earlier. [email protected]


margarita - October 5

i have a questions new so i dont knwo how to do this but ..hey ..well im really scared about to turn 16 in this month ...the 24...and well i got pregnant ..i dont know how manny month or weeks i am i havent had mah piriod for probly a month 1/2 ...and well i tock 3 pregnancy test and they all came possitive...i havent had any dissines, or i havent throw up either, or anything that could make me feel pregnant, but i kwno i am ...cause mah heart tell me i am ...the only thing that i have had is really bad cramps, mah stomach looks a lil bigger ...and well people say i look a lil fat, i cant suck mah stomach no more casue its hurts ,but i dont understand, how am i pregnant if i dont fell none of what i said... im really scare cause i dont want mah parents to kwno but i have to tell them ....i love mah mom and i kwno she dont deserves this ...nad im scare ..i dont wanna see her cry ...i dont kwno how to tell her cause shes really sentimental, and she has an att_tude 2....mah dad is worse ...he will probly kill me ..i dont kwno ...i want kwno kwno if yall can help me plz ....all i want to do all the time is cry and i cant stop ..pzl help me


margarita - October 5

can yall plz help me out



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