Im 18 And Pregnant And Scared Help

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crystal - June 1

hi me and my fiance have been having unprotected s_x and i found out i was pregnant. we are really happy but see heres the problem...both of my parents died when i was younder and i cant afford to go to the doctor to see how far along i am..what do i do? please help me i dont want to loose my baby


Audrey - June 1

Crystal- Are you living with relatives or are you on your own? To find out how far along you are count the days since the beginning of your last period and divide by 7 to get weeks. You will need to see a doctor by week 13 (end of 1st trimester) to have an ultrasound and make sure everything's okay. Until then here are a few pointers. 1) Take vitamins that contain at least 0.6 mg of folic acid because this reduces the chances of a birth defect called spina bifida. 2) Watch your diet and avoid processed meats and soft cheeses (brie, feta) because they have bacteria in them that can harm the baby. 3) Avoid exercises that put pressure on the abdomen (like sit-ups). Good luck!


crystal - June 1

audrey.....thanks so much but i live on my own with my fiance...but all of my realitives (which wasnt much) have i moved from foster home to foster home...thank you so much


crystal - June 1

by the way audrey i am 7 weeks i did your thing....


tay - June 2

you can get medicate go to dfacs. when you get your medicate then things will be easy because am 18 and 5months just graduate things are getting better.


Salie - June 2

Crystal- How are you?? Congrats on your pregnancy!! You just need to take it easy. If you want to talk to some that will listen and help you feel free to email me at [email protected] Good luck


Grandpa Viv - June 2

If you are in the USA your county Health Department has a prenatal clinic which looks after young mothers without money.


crystal - June 2

to everyone- thanks for all the support and helping me out i really appreciate it. i will try to do whatever i have to do thanks


Kelly Johnson - June 6 some area churches. There are pregnancy help centers who can give you all the right phone numbers in your area.


dymond - June 7

crystal, i am and my daughter is almost a year old and she has been diagnoised with a lifethreating illness since birth. i am on my own and i have raised her all alone and even with the 9 doctors she has to see i have found a way to do it. they are so many programs that are willing to help. medicaid is probably ur best way to go. if u ever want to tlak my email is [email protected] - my sn is dymondcolon.....feel free to write whenever. u two can do this and im happy for u both!


JJ - June 7

Is your fiancee there for you? What kind of help do you need


Kay-c - June 10

You can go to your local health department if you dont know where its at then go up to the hospital and ask!! goodluck and congratulations!!


alisha - June 10

you can go to plan parent hood and they can tell you. you can also talk about money issue with can get medicaid through the hospital



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