Im 19 Wit 2 Kids 5 Amp 1 And Think Im Pregnant Again WHAT 2DO

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Teenage Mom of 2!!!! - September 22

well i have two boys 5 & 1, i had my first son when i was 14 and my last one at 18! my period has always been regular and now its 8 days late! I took a home test (e.p.t) and it came back "Not Pregnant" but i have all the signs except 4 vomiting. But i didnt have that with either of my kids. Did i take the pregnancy test too soon? Should i jus wait a few more days? I am not ready for another child but i do not believe in abortion! Can someone give me some advice?


sara - September 22

hi...not nesscary you took the test to soon my sister in law took it 3 times and the first one came out negative too and she was a month n a half pregnant....soo eitehr wait a couple more days and take another test or go and get a blood test done!...and if you think you cant raise another baby. why dont you give it up for there are alot of women out there looking for baby's because there cant have any and you can still see him or her after you but her up for long as the person that adpots your baby doesnt live to far or you could just go there or somthing....but i wish you the best or luck!!!


hannie - September 22

u should stop being a s___t you ho. Get an abortion or give all your kids up for adoption.


Suggestion - September 22

Use protection?


- September 22

19 is mighty young to raise three kids, are u getting help, if so by whom? are u with the father still. and have u thought about adoption? did u finish high school. and last of all do u work? good luck and keep us updated


to teen mom of 2 - September 22

wtf you must like child birth did u plan it or what i dont see how u can so thins but its your life


Marlene - September 22

If you dont have anything helpful or nice to say then keep your comments to yourself!! As for teen mom of 2 go to your doctor and get a blood test they dont lie. If it comes back neg please get on birth control. if it is pos think in to adpotion there are alot of moms that cant have kids but in the end it is your choice. Keep us posted and ignore some of the people here they are young and think they know everything.


... - September 22

Keep those legs closed.


K - September 22

Adopt those poor kids out. They don't need a woman with so few morals as their mother.


to k - September 22

thats not fair to say, there are many girl that have more s_x and dont use anything that dont get pregnant.. so dont judge her. life dont always work the way u want it to. SO BE NICE!!!


Ca__sie - September 22

Yeah, adopt them all out!


Kat - September 22

What advice is there to give you? You don't beleive in abortion and clearly you haven't taken steps to prevent another pregnancy. How many more kids are you going to have before you become responsible about birth control. What does your partner think? Are you going to give him a say in what to do? Does he want another child? Can you afford to have another?


Sorry - September 23

I hope you have a supportive hard working man to help you.


k - September 23

keep your legs crossed


ginger - September 27

keep those legs crossed and adopt those poor kids out.


Senseful - September 28

Quit getting filled where the sun don't shine. no seriously have as many children as you want. god did say be fruitful. but if you don't want any more children then stop having s_x. if you are pregnant, don't give your child up for adoption. you probably love all your children so how would you explain keeping the other two when you had them at even younger ages. i'm not asking how you would explain it to the world but to yourself. you probably wouldn't want to live without your child in the long run. worst case scenerio - let a family member take care of the child so you can stay connected to him or her.



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