Im 23 Weeks Pregnant An Suddenly Alone

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Vickie - July 5

help, ive just broken up wigth my babies father because he 'isnt interested' and he isnt willing to grow up and take responsibility, what am i going to do, my stress levels are everywhere so im worried about the baby, ive lost my babies father, ive lost my boyfriend of nearly a year, ive got my dads support and my mums, but i feel so lost and heartbroken....please help me, what if i start to resent the baby, im only 15 and have the baby wasnt planned, but still very much wanted. help me! xx


inurshoes - July 5

To vickie, i know exzaclty how you feel. You are truly not alone. My story is very much the oppisite from you. My boyfreind and i, we have a long distance relationship. He is doing everything and anything to make sure that me and him have supprot. But the big thing is, is i dont even know if i am or not. I have been feeling, prego symtoms, for about 3 months now. My boyfrend came to visit me and from then on you can tell what hapend. I have writen my mom a letter, she found it, but didn even have the nerve to consult me. I have alot of stress, because i just am so lost. I am not sure how to go by all of it. I am not stupid, and could care less what any one hast o think about me because this is infact my baby. But the fact is, i just do not know how to go by it. I have not been taking vitims. There are thins that have happend to me that cause alot of stress and i am just scared if i am, that i am huring my unborn baby. I AM TRULY N YOUR SHOES....


Nicole - July 5

If you would like to talk further you can email me by visiting my website at Good luck in your journey!


Audrey - July 6

Vickie and inurshoes- I suggest meditation as a way to relax and get rid of a lot of that stress. What I do is find a quiet corner, light a scented candle or put soft music on, and sit. I don't let anyone or anything bother me until I am ready to deal with it.


inurshoes - July 6

U should really go to your doctor! its really important hunnie! Or even go to the chemist and buy 0.6 gram folic acid and iron tablets, im doing my best to make sure my baby is healthy but i cant control the stress who can lol. hope everything is okay, if u have msn my addy is [email protected], xx


To inurshoes from vickie ^^^^^ - July 6

that ^^ post is from vickie



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