Im 7 Days Late And Worrying Like Crazy

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Vickie - February 26

ive been with my bf 7 months now, and we are great together. Im 15, 16 in october,im 7 days late and i am worried im pregnant, i feel sick, have funny feelings in my lower stomach and im very tired, this is a completely wrong time for me as i have chronic depression i dont want to kill a baby its so wrong, is there any successful mothers out there who have managed to cope? i need advice as i cacnt turn to anyone apart from my bf, who doesnt really know much lol


Grandpa Viv - February 26

Vickie, I'm sorry to hear of your predicament. If you can get your hands on a home test now, it will have a fairly good probability of an accurate result. The chance of "coping" at age 16 will very much depend on your family. It is your income, your babysitter, your cheer team, and support in time of need. If your depression is related to a precarious family situation then you have double trouble. Adopting out a baby is an even harder decision than termination, but it is something you might consider.


leah - February 27

i will b ok i had my baby a month ago so i did and im coping parents dnt want anything to do wit me and mi baby so im living wit my bf family and there bein really supportive but wat ever u do good luck


Re:Vickie - February 27

Don't panic it may be a false alarm. Sometimes our cycles can get off track for various reasons. You need to take a pg test asap so that if you are you can get the proper care you need. If you want to talk you can email me [email protected]


layla - February 27

Before you start worrying, take a test. Then go from there.


Vickie - February 28

Hi, ive done a test and guess what? Im pregnant, my boyf doesn't know what to do hes in shock, ive told my dad, he was angry at first, who'd blame him1 but now he has thought about it he told me he will stand by me, my problem is, im 15, have chronic depression and social services everywhere, i couldnt cope with my baby being taken away is there any chance of that please help! Im really worried and i want nothing more than to have this baby, my mother isnt involved and my home life is great i just dont want my baby being taken away :( help


mizzy17 - February 28

dont worry too much cause i was 2 weeks late but not yea dont worry....


layla - February 28

Well now that you know for sure that you are pregnant, get an appointment with a doctor and start taking care of yourself. Mention the depression to the doctor so that he/she can help you to get it under control. Good luck!


Vickie - March 3

im 7 weeks pregnant, and can't wait. My dad is okay, and will support me, my bfs mum will be there too. Me and my bf are so excited! Im really happy, teenage pregnancy isnt all bad, so to all those people who worry really bad, try to make the best out of whatever happens, its what ive done. Im not saying its going to be easy though, cos im sure it wont. Cant wait!!! :)



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