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embrassed - April 16

every since mt third trimester all I want to inhale is moth ball. How can I stop this wierd addiction


Audrey - April 16

You are putting both yourself and your baby at risk by doing this because the fumes from mothb___s are poisonous. It's possible that you are missing something in your diet, are you taking vitamins? You should talk to a doctor. Good luck!


Krista - April 18

Its called PICA... its not normal u need to go tot he drs... maan cuz sumthing culd be wrong with u or ur baby!!! Good luck! n im sorry!


embra__sed - April 18

I heard of pica. Does that only happen during pregnancy or is it an addiction. I told my doctor that I' am around it alot. She told me that it can be most harmful in in the first trimester. I've been trying to aviod it alot. Will it go away after the baby is born? thanks for your help


Krista - April 18

Yes it will.... but it only happens when ur pregnant.. and u will get over it.. just be care ful.!!! Love u and follow up with me.. wens ur baby due??? Boy or Girl?


Embra__sed - April 18

In the next six weeks, tahnks alot for the help. I seen my doctor 2day. She said that as long as I'm not eating it. She told me instead to suck or cut a lemon, because I love the smell of that 2. It's a boy. Thanks alot 4 ur help.


jenny - April 19

what is PICA?


huh?/?/? - April 19

wat r morh b___s?


Embra__sed - April 19

Pica happens during pregnancy when a female craves for things that isn't considered food ( wierd right). It could be powder, starch, laundry detergent, mothb___s. Mothb___s is a white round ball that people put in there closets and draws to kill moth. I happen to really really really like the smell. You might even smell them in a bathroom. It just smells so good to me.


jenny - April 19

to embara__sed.... that's crazy, i have never heard of that before, but it dosen't surprise me. pregnant woman crave all sorts of weird stuff. i wouldn't be embara__sed about it, there are far more worse things to have a craving for. just be thankful your not craving like underwear or jock just kidding, good luck with you and your the way moth b___s kinda smell good.


jenny - April 19

i meant to say jock


Embra__sed - April 19

But why do I have to crave moth b___s.... I feel like a crack head... I have to smell moth ball. What next am I going to start chewing them.... this is pure madness.



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