Im Afraid To Even Ask This Question On Here But I Will

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kourtnee - May 17

Im afraid to ask this question on here because I don't want people attacking me or judging me.Im a 16 year old who is 20 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend says he will leave me if I keep this baby. My parents just found out and kicked me out of there house. I dont know what to do, I love my boyfriend and I want to be with him. I feel like the only thing to do is get an aborition or put the baby up for adoption.Please help me, I dont know what to do. Im afraid.


hi kourtnee - May 17

i hope you are ok. personally i think abortion is not any good but you will do what you have to do i am gonna be honest I am looking to adopt a baby and i dont want to presusre you into adoption tyou can email me if you need to talk [email protected] there are places out there that will help you please email me so we can talk my name is amanda


me - May 17

luk amanda its obvious all u want to do is av er baby. and yes u are presuring er into adoption juds leave er alone and giv er advice dnt tell er wat to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AManda - May 17

to me no i am not i want to talk to her i would never pressure anyone into giving there baby up i just know that she is going through a tough time if i wanted to pressure her into it i sure would not have came straight out and told her that i am looking. she is scared and there are all kinds of people on this post nice and MEAN like you so i gave her my email so that we can talk when she wants to talk did you ever think that maybe everyone dont like to talk in open on this forum because of the rude people


Zahn - May 17

Hey sweetie. If you say your 20 weeks along in the pregnancy then an abortion is not possible they normally give abortions at 12 weeks or 16 weeks if there is something seriously wrong with the pregnancy. Have you got any other family that will support you? If you want to talk my email address is [email protected] Im pregnant too my boyfriend wasnt the least bit happy about the news but now it has grown on him . Maybe your boyfriend needs time to adjust and so might your family. But if you need to talk just send me an email


Jen - May 17


Jen - May 17

Hey if you want to keep this baby, you should!! You can do it. Who cares if your boyfriend leaves you, if he does then he's a jerk and not worth it.


Grandpa Viv - May 18

You must be staying with a friend. It is too late for abortion. Find the nearest Birthright or similar organization (start at the Catholic Church or on line) and tell them you are trying to avoid abortion. They will give you a place to stay until you deliver, and that will give you time to figure out what to do after.


to me - May 18

Go find something better to do. Amanda is giving her an option and Kourtnee mentioned adoption. Upsetting someone to amuse yourself is very pathetic.


Jessica - May 18

Kourtnee, hey i know how you feel but its really your decision if you but yourself first, no one should judge you because they dont know you and your parents are really hurt that your preg. and there only reaction is to kick you out so they dont have to face it and if your boyfriend truely loves you the he wouldnt ask you to get an aborition, he can stick it in but not take the responsibilites that come along with it, and its natural to be afraid but how are you going to feel if you give your baby up??? thats what you need to think about Good luck


kristin - May 18

dont have an abortion please!!! so many people would do anything to be able to have a child. if you dont feel ready to have this child than please give it up for adoption but please dont abort it! good luck


NO Kourtnee! - May 18

Don't have an abortion. at 20 weeks your baby is over a pound, having an abortion which I don't think you can have anyway that far along, involves the doctor stabbing your baby with a needle and cutting the baby up and sucking it's body and brain up. As for your parents, they should be ashamed for kicking their pregnant daughter out of her home. You are better off without your looser boyfriend. YOU find out what you want to do. Keep the baby, there are places you can go. Or give your baby up for adoption. If you don't want to give it up for adoption but are thinking about doing it to get your boyfriend back, DON'T!! He will leave you anyway, TRUST ME. Your young 16, and I have been there and done that, don't do something you don't want to do because of your boyfriend. He made a terrible comment and that alone is enough to know he is not the man for you.! God Bless you Girl.


kourtnee - May 18

I decided to to have an aborition, I feel like it is wrong to kill my child and I dont think I could live with that guilt for the rest of my life. I did however decided to place him/her up for adoption. I really dont know the next step in doing that. Any suggestions???


bump - May 18



Carri - May 18

I'm sorry you're going through this - it's a tough decision for any teen to have to make... I know, I had to make it myself. I elected to have an abortion and in all honesty, I have no regrets about my decision. Now that I'm older and in a better situation in life, I'm pregnant and going to carry to term. Now, just because my decision worked for me does not mean it will be the same for you. The bottom line is this... How do you feel about abortion, not what anyone else tells you but your gut feeling. You have to be able to live with yourself and it has to be a decision made by you - not by your boyfriend or your parents or anyone on these forums. I'm not going to tell you what I think you should do - it's none of my business but whatever you do, make sure you consider ALL choices hon. Sending you all my strength..


Amanda - May 18

Hi kourtnee This is Amanda again I am so glad that you are not going to abort your baby.IF you are looking for a loving family to adopt your baby please consider us. we want nothing more in this life then to have a baby. we are open to having any type of adoption that you want. open closed we want to let the birtmother be as involved as she wants to be please email me if you are interested ANd take care [email protected]


Genevie - May 18

dont get a abortion if you cant support it you should give it to someone that can or go to your boyfriend till your parents calm down and accept the facts which they will



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