Im Amanda And I Am Freaked Out

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Mandax - September 12

Hey im 14. Like two weeks ago (August 31) I gave my boyfriend Jonathan a hand job. I am not sure if he got anything on his hands or if i got any on mine. But anyways like 1 minute later he fingered me. Could I be pregnant? I have been really tired and feeling like I am going to throw up and light headed. But thats it. Im not supposed to get my period for another week. What should I do? Im really scared! But my friend sarah has been feeling sick like me and she went to the doctor and they said it might be mono so im hoping its that :(


Viv - September 12

Yes, if wet sperm from the hand job got in your v____a then you could get pregnant. I would hate to think that your b/f did that on purpose just to see what would happen. You ovulate two weeks before your period, and sperm on that day or any of the previous 5 days would be the culprit. We don't know for sure that your period was going to come next week. It might have been planning to come early this month. Tired, nauseous and dizziness are all early pregnancy symptoms. If you conceived Sept 1st these symptoms would have started around Sept 8th or 9th. If you also find that your b___sts are getting sore and / or you are peeing more often, I would certainly be making an appointment with the Health Department or Planned Parenthood. I am thinking that you and the b/f may not yet have had full intercourse. If it turns out you are not pregnant and you choose to continue this relationship, the two of you need to sit down and talk about how to handle s_x with no more possibility of mistakes. When you do become s_xually active, please get your own supply of condoms and get in the habit of putting them on your b/f before you invite him in.


Amanda - September 12

We have never had s_x before,and I have been checking for tender brests, but Im getting nothing and I dont be a lot, only when I drink stuff wayy to fast. Thank you for your answer ! I am going to have him get me a preganancy test if my period doesnt come!



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