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Tanyia216 - July 30

Well what I'm confused about is that I heard at 13 weeks, you can tell the gender of the baby, but then I'm hearing you cant tell till after the 16th. which is correct? because at the moment, I am 13 weeks and 1 day, but if I can't tell at 13 weeks I dont want to get all worked up about it and then find out I have 3 more weeks to wait...


AddysMummy - July 30

You can't find out at 13 weeks. And even 16 weeks is early. It's more like 18 weeks. 13 weeks you can't see a s_x at all really.


newbaby2009 - July 30

Around here, they do it at 20 weeks.


RylansMommy - July 30

mine was at 19 weeks.


AddysMummy - July 30

Yeah I just got mine done... 18 weeks 6 days along


amanda17 - July 30

The baby's reproductive organs begin to form at 13 weeks, very rarely you can find a combination of an advanced ultrasound tech and a very high tech ultrasound machine that can determine it for you. It is possible, my sister found out at 12 weeks (she was measuring ahead two weeks I think). But your average joe tech and mediocre machines can tell you at 18 weeks. I would wait to find out because chances are it will be a waste of money to go that soon.


Krissy25 - July 30

Using an ultrasound it's just too early, a tech may be able to tell you that your baby is possibly one s_x or the other but there would be no guarentee. Most doctors don't order an u/s until around week 18 to week 20.


Malica - July 31

My ultrasound tech at 19 weeks wasn't even too sure. But at 32 weeks they were positive (and correct)


AddysMummy - July 31

I'm 100% sure i am having a girl so and I'm 19 weeks.


ProudMommie - August 1

Well, I have 3 boys and with each one of them, they couldn't tell until was 20 weeks. I had an ultrsound at 16 weeks and they couldn' tell. So I would say 18 weeks and up.


nawna24 - August 3

where im from i had to wait till 20 weeks


Teddyfinch - August 4

mine was pretty much 20 weeks. but even then, the u/s tech still won't say it's 100% a girl lol. "not until you're holding the baby will i tell you for sure what it is" lol like i wouldn' t know =P


amanda17 - August 4

I had the gender determined a few times. At 24 weeks they put "GIRL?" on it, like with a question mark... but then at 30 weeks I went to a different tech and they put "GIRL!!!!!!!!" So...haha :)



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