Im Confused On My Months Again

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abriamiacadia - March 12

Ok, My what to expect when your expecting book says taht i'll be 5 mths when im 17 or 18 wks or so. But then my friend tells me that I wont. i'll be 4 mths and some odd weeks. So now im confused. rawr.


tennesseewlkr07 - March 12

this is how it works if you are 17 weeks and one day you are considered 18 weeks . .its weird i know but thats just how it works i guess, thats how my doc explained it to me


abriamiacadia - March 12, thats TOTALLY lost me lol


krista-lee - March 12

i always go off of my due date. theres about 5 different ways (no kidding) of counting weeks into months. Going by a 40 week pregnancy (10 months) it counts only 28 days a month (which there arent, so thats where the confusion comes in) I just went by my due date which was may 26th. on Jan 26th, i was 4 months, February 26th i was 5 months, March 26th i was 6 months etc,. thats the easiest way to tell.


abriamiacadia - March 12

oh soooo on the 22nd of march i'll be 5 mths? bc im due on Aug. 22nd lol


krista-lee - March 12



babyonboard16 - March 12

when do you get to gfind out the s_x


mummy2paris - March 12

It does get rather confusing but i always went by weeks i was due march 5th 2005 so i concieved may 29th 2004 so i added 7 days to that until i hit the date i was at when i wanted to know i far along i was it is all very confusing !!! but to work out when u concieved cound back 40 weeks from ur due date to see where u end up bare in mind u should give or take a few days on the date u hit lol hope i helpedxx


moescrilla - March 12

you are in your 5th month at 17 weeks, but will not be 5 months pregnant until you are 5 months complete. If you go back to the first month, it explains it --- you are in your first month, but wont be 1 month pregnant until you finish your first month. You are around four months at 17 weeks. Count from the day you had your lmp (if you know) and see how many months it is --- if it was 11/30/06, then every month on the 30th your another month along, so March 30th you'd be 4 months. Krista-lee's way is pretty accurate too, if you count that way its about a week off from the way I count.



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