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iHEARTjoe - March 14

im goin nuts bc my bf is buggin out bc he believes that i m pregnant i dunno tho i havent gotten my period yet which makes it about 8 or 9 days late n i dont feel like im gonna b gettin my period either (usually i get cramps and pms b4 but nothing) my last period was feb 2nd and i did have unprotected s_x with my bf feb 16,17,18,19 but he pulled out every time n yes i kno about pre-***..i took 2 epts over the last couple of days and both came out negative..latly ive been tired alot more then usual and n i m goin pee more im nausus but then again i m always nausus...i dunno im confused i think its all in my head but there is a possibility n if i m pregnant he wants me to get an abortion because right now we cannon financially support a child...but i dont know if i can mentally go through with it.n he knows my opinion on the subject i have a headache im planning on going to the clinic this weekend nd gettin test there but right now i need to vent..ur opinion? ne input is appreciate thanx


Meagan18 - March 14

if you know you can't support a baby and know you don't want one, then why take the risk and have unprotected s_x? I'd say but the dates it a good possibility. You cold wait a week and take another test or go to the doctor and get a blood test. good luck.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 14

All I can say is if you know you can't afford a baby and if you cant afford a condom THEN DONT HAVE s_x. And also a baby isn't going to wait until you are financially ready and if you know that pre-ejaculation can get you pregnant then why did you still have s_x. This is a great case of you knowing something (common sense) but not acting on it (stupidity) and now worried about it (selfishness) and maybe be putting an inoscent child in between your own mistake (thoughtless) and going about having unprotected s_x (careless) I feel so sorry for that baby if you are pregnant due to your circ_mstances and the fact that YOU could have prevented this but obviously didn't care too


topper42 - March 14

I really hope not. if you can't afford condoms you sure as hell can't afford a baby.


Ja__sy_V - March 14

well there is a chance that u could be pregnant, u have pretty much all the signs another sign that ur body will show is very sensitive b___st.... u did have s_x within 14 days of ur menstuation beginning and unprotected s_x this is when u begin ur cycle and ur more likely to get pregnant... if u cannot get financial support there's always an option i am against abortion but the option that u have is to give your child up for adoption which would be the best rather than aborting your baby... but hopefully you aren't pregnant


Ashley Barlow - March 16

I think now would be the best time to go to your local health department. It takes a few weeks for your pregnancy hormones to develop. and if you still havent had your period than I would suspect you are pregnant. Sorry honey, but I am 16 and 35 weeks pregnant. I took two preg tests and both were negative and I went to the health department two weeks later and sure enough I was 5 weeks pregnant. My baby daddy left me and I am doing it all on my own. DO NOT GET AN ABORTION. It is all up to you and you will not be able to live with killing your own child. If you are pregnant and he leaves you so be it. You have got to be strong for you and your baby. So If it turns out you are best of luck. Dont worry bout financials right now, all you need to worry about is if you are pregnant or not. Worry bout the other things later I promise things will work out for the better. So keep your mind set on you and the life you could be carrying inside of you. Good luck.



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