Im Not Ready To Be A Mom

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Scared - April 20

I am 17 and im 1 1/2 months pregnant. I am about to graduate high school and persue my dream of being a nurse. I took numerous home preg. test and all said positive. my boyfriend is 22 and he doesnt know. My parents are going to kick me out of my house and im not sure how he will react. im sure he will be supportive but im not ready and dont know how to tell people. i have just been ignoring it and hoping it goes away. what should i do?


Lisa - April 20

Personally, i think you should probably seek the advice of a professional counsellor and weigh up your options. You would probably be the best person to make the decision for yourself at this stage. The problem will definitely not go away, so its best to deal with the issue as quickly as possible and make your decision. Try not to allow others that give you advice sway your decision.


Amanda - April 20

Well there are lots of options but please whatever you do please please do not abort that baby . Babies are the most wonderful thing isn this world There are many people out there that can not have children that would be willing to take that baby. And love it. I fyou need to talk you can email me [email protected]


Linny - April 20

Girl, you ain't the only one that's freaking out! I feel the same way meaning "I wish it will go away!" I'm 17 too and driving myself crazy with this pregancy! I'm scared to death of labor and really don't know how to handle all this confusion. Sometimes I wish there was someone else here with me that felt the same way when they were pregnant! I'M SO DAMN SCARED!


Audrey - April 21

Few people are ready to be a mom, even those who want children. It would be so much easier if a baby came with an instruction manual! Scared, your parents cannot legally kick you out until you are 18. But ignoring this problem won't make it go away. You need to talk to a counselor or doctor about your options, and make a decision that's right for you. Linny, if you're freaking out, I suggest you buy the book "What to Expect when You're Expecting" because it gives a lot of info that you might need. Best of luck!


Jen - April 21

You can be a mom and a nurse...give youself sometime to get used to this idea.


Rissa - April 21

Okay, I'm 17 and 25 weeks pregnant... I JUST Told my parents last night... and they are VERY SUPPORTIVE. My boyfriend is VERY SUPPORTIVE... I had plans of being an anesthesiologist and and still going to attend school. I just registered for Fall cla__ses. I graduated early so I'm almost done with my 2 year. Trust me... I had been sooooooo depressed up until tell my parents. Now I'm looking up, everything will be okay. I know you may not believe it - I didn't. I thought oh yea right your crazy but now I see it is okay. GOOD LUCK GIRL and email me if you have any questions or problems. FYI Start taking vitamins... one with 500mg of Folic Acid... no caffiene and stay away from medications/drugs/alcohol. [email protected] (those are zeros) k, BYE!! Rissa



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